AirVPN Review: high vpn technology for your convenience

AirVPN is based in Italian in 2010,What’s they proud of is the works to encrypt user’s private data by their high technology. And it’s the main reason for most people to choose AirVPN. For giving us free environment of internet,they offer DNS routing technology, Wrapping OpenVPN in SSL and SSH,Alternative Ports and Port Fowarding and AirVPN over Tor,all of these are help us get real free and against hackers while we surfing the internet, follow AirVPN Review,you will get more about it.

AirVPN take more attention on VPN technology, you can see it on their website,and something maybe is deep for you,so follow this review,you can get in touch with AirVPN clearly.


They are good at maintaining users’ privacy, the high technology is what they proud of, it include DNS routing technology, Wrapping OpenVPN in SSL and SSH,Alternative Ports and Port Fowarding and AirVPN over Tor.

They offer 3 Days Money Back Guarantee and 3 Simultaneous Connection, Unlimited bandwidth and P2P download with every server.


Only OpenVPN,but I don’t think it’s a mistake,I will choose OpenVPN if there are many other option for protocols.Less servers is an issue,and maybe they should add live chat for custormers.


Basic information

Based in Italian
No. of countries 16
No. of servers 30
Price $1.11/three days


$5.58/month(6 month)-28%


airvpn price package


The number of servers may not as much as some other VPN service providers,but all their servers are high-speed,it makes servers load low and gives you better experience. Though they also have servers in the Americas and Asia, but most of their servers are in Europe,so their price is with the Euro.


Protocols OS & Devices app


Windows,Mac,Android,iOS,Linux,DD-WRT and Tomato,Not include Windows Mobile and Blackberry  Windows,Mac,iPhone,Android

Their service supports only the OpenVPN UDP/TCP protocol,they think PPTP and even L2TP/IPsec is as being too insecure.And do not be puzzled with that,OpenVPN is the best VPN protocol now, it can provide you more security and speed,so you will choose OpenVPN from more options,AirVPN just do that step for you.

airvpn devices


Logging policy: No logs WebRTC leaks: YES
Encryption strength: AES 256 bit IP Leak protection: YES
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic) DNS Leak protection: YES

As I said before,AirVPN is good at protecting their customers,everything they do is for that purpose.

Although AirVPN is based in Italy, Italian VPN providers were not required to keep any logs because EU Data Retention Direction was declared invalid by the European Court of Justice on human rights grounds.

About encryption strength, the AirVPN OpenVPN protocol uses an AES 256 CBC cipher, with a RSA-4096 handshake, with HMAC SHA-1 authentication. This is the strongest group to protect private data.

AirVPN uses a different exit IP address than the entry IP address on all of their VPN servers. This further obfuscates your traffic as it exits their VPN servers.

IP Leak and DNS Leak protection are also work well.

Speed and Stability

AirVPN is pretty good in speed,as we said before,though AirVPN has not much more servers,but all the servers is high-speed,you can see the load in their client while you are using AirVPN,so adjusted for factors such as ISP, distance between you and the server you connect and some other factors,AirVPN works well in speed.

In addition to this, AirVPN’s DNS routing system will help you get the fastest speed no matter which server you connect,and it “double-hops” your connection through internal servers in order to bypass geo-censorship, so you can get stable connection.


Torrents and P2P Allow: Yes,all their servers support P2P download Customer Support: Ticket



24/7/365 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth: YES
Unlimited switch server: YES Money back guarantee: 3 Days Money Back Guarantee
Kill Switch: YES  3 Simultaneous Connections
Payment methods:

airvpn payment methords


DNS routing

Every VPN server has a DNS server to directly find information about the root servers, top-level domains, and authoritative name servers.It makes the speed high than without it.and the AirVPN DNS also has a feature which allows their DNS to help users bypass geo-restrictions for streaming services.

Wrapping OpenVPN in SSL and SSH Tunnel

SSL or SSH tunneling should be more than sufficient to guard your data from being detected by the Great Firewall of China and others. This function will slow down your internet connection,so You should only use these extra safeguards if your government tries to disrupt your OpenVPN traffic.

OpenVPN airvpn SSL and SSH

Alternative Ports and Entry IP

It is rare for VPNs to be blocked,this mean some countries block your VPN service,so Wrapping OpenVPN SSL and SSH tunneling can solve this makes OpenVPN traffic look just like regular SSL traffic,and block is leaving.

airvpn openvpn udp tcp

AirVPN over Tor

AirVPN is one of the only services that we know of which offers VPN over Tor, where you connect first to the Tor network, then to AirVPN. VPN through Tor affords a very high level of true anonymity, something not usually possible with VPN,AirVPN also provides instructions for using the Tor browser to achieve secure Tor through VPN.


airvpn app

AirVPN calls its custom desktop client named“Eddie”, it is fully open source. This means that it can be independently audited to ensure nothing untoward is going on. Eddie is probably the most fully featured VPN client I have ever used.

airvpn software functions



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