Best Free VPN in China

Free things always have magic attraction, so does free VPN. In China, people like free VPN too. For the asking from so many people, I will show you some best free vpn in China.

But before we talk about that, there are some things you should know. Why free vpn is free? I have seen someone told that free VPN is the best way to collect people’s privacy. I agree with it, but not fully. There are some difference between paid VPN and free VPN. Maybe the speed, maybe the secrecy, maybe some limits. All in all, I do not advise you guys surfing with free VPN.

Now I’ll show the free VPN to you.

First CyberghostVPN, VPNBook and VPNGate are not work in China, even include, tunnelbear, Tor and so on are not effective in China.Chinese government not allow them run in China for some political reason. Since 2017, you can’t find more information on Baidu search engine . You even can’t find a VPN in

What effective free vpn I have used in China are:


home page screen of greenvpn

I think this is the best free VPN in China. You can enjoy it 1 hour everyday, and the speed and stability are acceptable. It is OK that some time it may not work. You may say that 1 hour is not enough, here is a tip for that, you can sign up five or more accounts, it’s an easy thing, then you will get 5 or more hours for free. But if you test the ip leak and DNS leak, you will disappointed. In China, you will find that there are so many GreenVPN. You can’t find which I told you. Indeed, some web pretend as GreenVPN. Here you can click “Visit GreenVPN” to the real one.

As a free VPN, I recommend you GreenVPN.


logo of mxvpn

This is a free VPN in China too. You have 300M per day. As the method to GreenVPN, you can sign up more accounts.But I don’t like this VPN, the speed and stability is not as good as GreenVPN, I have bad experience with it. But if you are interesting with it , you can click here.

As I said before, I do not advise you guys surfing with free VPN, though I showed you best free vpn in China. I have never buy something or visit my bank account with all these VPN service.

In China, you still can find some good VPN service like ExpressVPN, PureVPN (78% discount) and NordVPN (73%discount). They are all working in China. If you like travel, you can choose NordVPN because the 1000+ server over the world and the double VPN. If you stay in China, you can choose PureVPN, because PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, and it is cheaper than other two. If you are more care about your privacy or you are in business, you can sign up ExpressVPN. All the three VPN service are good at speed and stability, you can watch shows and sports with any one of them in China.(78% discount)

compare nordvpn express and pure compare nord expressvpn and pure compare nord express and purevpn

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