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Why an American need VPN service?

It is a very open country. We can browse any website include pornographic website, but you still need VPN service in USA indeed. Let’s see why.
As a developed country, USA is doing good at internet technology, for the same reason, there is something we should worry about the internet privacy, like surveillance and monitoring from government or hackers or someone who is your enemy, so if  you want to be anonymous when you surf the internet, the best way is with the VPN service. Under the protect of VPN service, you will be more safe, even the government want to snooping your activities, they will pay much more cost, but that will consume much more resources, they would not do that just for one person unless you are a terrorist. For the same reason, hackers will not do that bad bargain too.

As the world is more and more open, especially in US, more and more people will go to other countries for study, travel, business and so on. If you want to watch Netflix,YouTube, if you want to browse xvideos, if you want to update your Facebook or google+, Can you do these things in other countries, maybe you can not because the censorship or the geo-restrictions, at this time you need a VPN service or a proxy service, we don’t like proxy, it has single function, and it couldn’t protect our data especially for business man. So we can say that VPN service is the best choice for you.

America is beautiful enough,but there are still many nice things in other countries,that attract many American to see them from internet. Like BBC, Britain’s Got Talent is still good, DailyMotion is good too,and if you are just a traveler from UK or France or some other country in US, you particular need a VPN service,Why all these people need VPN service,the answer is “geo-restrictions”, no matter how advanced the US internet is, geo-restrictions is still a problem for these people, if you are one of them, you need get a VPN service now.

We do not recommend you the VPN company based in US if you are care your private data particularly, because that company are under the law of US,they will records your private data more or less,as Edward Snowdon told us that “government is the worst hacker”.So when you choose a VPN,you must filter out company based in US.

From our test, we recommend some VPN service provider for you, they have different advantages, we list it for your choice, one of them would suits you.


Based in United Kingdom
No. of countries 190+
No. of servers 940+
Hide My Ass has 940+ VPN servers in 350+ locations in 190+ countries,so I think it is so big,I can get that this company has powerful strength,and also they offer over 120000+ IP addresses,even the hackers have very good technology,they still can find your geographical location.


Hide my ass is a famous VPN service provider, it is known by so many people, and it is a strong VPN too,it is based in UK, so we are not happy with their privacy policy. But they have so much server over the world, so you can connect their servers everywhere, you can get in every website you like with HMA, you can absolutely view your google+,facebook,even browse porn web. GEO is not a problem from now, you can bypass any censorship and get the free internet.

With HMA,American can get in touch with UK’s service, distance will not a problem, Traveller from USA also can watch their favorite show by the powerful network of HMA.

They offer at least 10 languages for you, their proxy is good to use(but we always like VPN service),and they provide custom client for you, it is easy to use, and contain many useful just need $4.99 per month to get it.


Based in Bulgaria(Data keeps in Switzerland)
No. of countries 50
No. of servers 190
No. of DNS servers 11780


VPNarea is an amazing VPN service provider, 190 servers in 50 countries is not much as HMA, but we think it is can use on 5 devices by one account,that is better than Hide my ass,it is cheap too. if you order a year,you just pay $59 in all, dedicated IP is free for you, and you can connect from your iPad,iPhone,android Phone,Mac and Windows computer at same time, that really amazing.

As they are based in Bulgaria, they can keep no logs really as they said, they are not under some legal jurisdiction like USA’s and UK’s law. P2P is allowed, but not all servers,we suggest not to download torrents on UK, Australia, Japan, France, Singapore, Sweden, Isle of Man, Iceland servers.

Their software is good for security, there are many good function in it, like Killswitch, Speed test, DNS Leak, Auto IP Changer,all of this is just want to give you the best experience with VPNarea.

Strong VPN:

Based in USA
No. of countries 20
No. of servers 362


StrongVPN is based in USA, as a local VPN service provider, it is popular in USA, and as their name it is strong. They offer custom clients too,and provide 5 Days Money Back Guarantee,but only 2 Simultaneous Connection as HMA,they accept Bitcoin, and they offer Virtual Firewall to protect your data.Now StrongVPN offer two packages not as before,$10 for one month or &70 for a year.

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