Best VPN That Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin and VPN services are all things that allow us to remain anonymous on the web, so finding an excellent VPN that accepts Bitcoin payments is an important way for us to remain private.

As we all know, VPN service can hide our real IP address. So when you link to the VPN server, your IP address becomes one of thousands of IP addresses on the VPN server in the network, and the government agencies, hackers and blackmailers can’t track down your real IP address.

However, even if we use the pseudonyms and VPN service in the network, we may use a credit card or PayPal at the time of paying VPN service fees. This payment method will make us in the network mutually contact with us in the real life, and then, such a link directly causes that our true identity may be found, this is a very serious security vulnerability.

vpn that accept bitcoin

Therefore, in order make us to remain anonymous on the web, not only the pseudonyms and VPN services should be used, furthermore, there should also be an anonymous payment method, that is, Bitcoin. As an electronic currency, Bitcoin prices are constantly rising, this is a great celebration for anyone who owns Bitcoin. And at the same time, Bitcoin is also increasingly accepted by many VPN providers. Excellent VPN service plus Bitcoin payments, I believe you will be able to be invisible in the network.

Here, we list excellent VPN services that accept Bitcoin payments. After our test, some VPN service providers that accept Bitcoin payments are also eliminated by us, such as SwitchVPN and PureVPN, and I have to say that they are not good enough. In addition, if you use Windows and Android system, then Private internet access is a very good choice, and it is both excellent and very cheap. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are my personal favorites and they all accept Bitcoin payments. In comparison, ExpressVPN is better, but the price is slightly higher; while the price of NordVPN is more acceptable. Not only that, NordVPN often has a substantial discount, and furthermore, you can also enjoy NordVPN services in China.

VPN provider Price Score Website
ExpressVPN $6.67/mon 10
NordVPN $2.75/mon 9.5
Private internet access $3.33/mon 8.5
IronSocket $4.16/mon 8
IPVanish $6.49/mon 8.5

In choosing VPN services, in addition to being able to use Bitcoin payments, perhaps you have other requirements, such as server location, refund policy, the number of Simultaneous Connections and so on. Therefore, we also list some other VPN services that accept Bitcoin payments, and you can pick out the VPN service that is more suitable for you.

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