Best vpn for Facebook

Why we need vpn for Facebook? Which is the best vpn for Facebook? For some people, Facebook take 90% time of their internet time. Facebook is an essential part of their daily lives. You can share you photos and stories on it , you can keep in touch with your old friends or friends who is far away from you. Indeed, Facebook is our lives.

Why we need vpn for Facebook?

First, in China, Syria, Iran and North Korea(Myanmar and Cuba are no longer block Facebook), government have blocked Facebook, you need VPN to bypass the firewall and access Facebook.

Second, in many office,school and College, Facebook has been blocked. Because Education providers don’t want them browsing Facebook all day in the classroom, and the boss worried that Facebook distract employees.

Third, as USA and Australia’s internet privacy policy have changed, we can concluded that privacy of internet will more and more damned.

Which is the best vpn for Facebook?

For Facebook, We are mainly from these aspects to consider.

  • Servers number
  • Log policy
  • Security
  • Price
  • Support

Best vpn for Facebook:


torguard-vpn-in vpnif

TorGuard is perfect for access Facebook even the Netfix is OK, the Servers number, security,price are all good, and they offer Live Chat, if you have an error or problem with your service, or even just a question, LiveChat team of TorGuard can be your lifesaver. And they offer you 5 Simultaneous Connections,it is really generous The most reason for why TorGuard is the first is that the price, you just need $4.99 for a month if you order the annually package.

Now, TorGuard is on sale, you can get 50% discount with coupons.



Though, Servers number is not as much as other three vpn, but 700 servers is entirely enough to you. We recommend it for where it is based in— Switzerland, it’s a good place for a VPN company because the law of Switzerland can protect your data. At last we must tell you that for annually, you need pay $6.99/month.

Hide My Ass

HideMyAss-vpn-bannerThis is famous vpn in many rankings. indeed, it has perfect expression. 940 servers number,30 days money back guarantee, LiveChat and Bitcoin accepted. But be attention, it is based in UK, this is a bit of regret. And it only offer you 2 Simultaneous Connections.

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