Best vpn in china:Effective vpn for chinese after testing

We test much more VPN service to find the effective vpn and the best vpn in china for chinese people.

best vpn in china

Which VPN service is the best vpn in China?Which VPN service is still working in China? And which one is effective vpn for chinese with GFW?Though google translate has come back to China,Chinese still need vpn service.You can follow us and get the answers.

Why Chinese or people who live in China needs VPN service?

There are more than 2000 website like google,Facebook you can not access in China. Because the Great Firewall of China-a countrywide imposed internet filter that restricts the access of certain websites when you are in China.

And in China,there are still more hackers, they are hiding in the internet, monitoring your internet activity, get your bank number and your password. You will lose your money. And Chinese government and ISP company are monitoring you too. And they have all right if they want to get all your activity when you surf the internet, and they will log you too. So in China, the internet environment is very dangerous, you just as a nude man get on the internet.

So you know it is very important to have a VPN service in China. To unblock the website or protect yourself. If you are live in China or travel to China,you need a VPN service to open a newspaper or look at headlines online, even watch your favorite videos and shows; If you are a gamer, you need a VPN service to get high speed when you are playing a world game online;If you are a business man, you should even more get a VPN service to protect your data from hackers and other organization.

Because of GFW, it’s not easy to find suitable VPN provider for you, for that reason, we test many VPN service in China for a long time,and we still update this article for the development of GFW and VPN service providers.Here we list two vpn as the best vpn in china, we test it carefully and be sure they are effective.

Which VPN service is the best vpn and effective vpn in China?

If you are living in China or you are a Chinese or you are a Chinese who travel to other country,and you just want browse the news or browse your google+, Facebook, twitter or you want to watch Youku,Sina and so on, you can choose pureVPN(78% Discount For Celebrate 10 Years):

Based in Hong Kong
No. of countries 141
No. of servers 500+
No. of IPs 80000+
Price $9.99/month-16%

$7.99/month(6 month)-33%

$2.49/month(24 month)-79%

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Logging policy Zero logs Firewall NAT Firewall
Encryption strength AES-256-bit since 2007 antimalware software Yes
IP types Shared IP (Dynamic)

Shared IP (Static)

DNS Leak protection YES

pureVPN offer OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for almost all kinds of devices. The first reason we recommend this company to you is their cheap price, $2.49 per month,that is the cheapest VPN service I have seen.That does not mean that pure VPN is not a good one,you can see pureVPN review in our website.You can get high experience whether in speed or in stability,customer service and other features.After you pay for 2 years, you can use it when you live in China,or use it in everywhere.

Of course you can pay it by Alipay, that is one of the reason we recommend it. And you can get 5 simultaneous connections,that mean you can share it to your friends,you can both connect their server with mobile,computer and Tablet. You know some other VPN service provider only offer 2,you need pay more for 5 simultaneous connections.

So compare the price with ExpressVPN, pureVPN is the best vpn in china,it is a king in everything. Click here to get more about pure VPN from our reviews,or just get it here.

If you are a gamer, you need high speed and stability when you are gaming, we recommend you ExpressVPN:

Based in British Virgin Islands
No. of countries 87
No. of servers 136
Price $12.95/month

$9.99/month(6 month)


ExpressVPN is an influential VPN service provider in China. I think the reason is their price. Chinese people believe that “more price for better one”.But I must tell you the truth is not that simple, Normally for some one need high speed service, ExpressVPN is the best one,but every one know that there are more factors for the speed, so you can buy it and try it, then you will know that it is suit for you or not, fortunately they offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee,you can see how confident they are,that means you can use ExpressVPN free for 30 days,within 30 days,you can decide use it or not.

All in all, ExpressVPN is good at speed, you will like it for their high speed.We list is as one of  “Most Reliable VPN Service In 2017”.  Click here to get more about ExpressVPN from our reviews,or just get it here.

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