Best VPN with OpenVPN

Here we list some good VPN service with OpenVPN for you, we test them and compare them to others, they are excellent with OpenVPN.

OpenVPN is one of VPN protocol, it makes your connection more fast and more security. As more and more VPN service providers realize that, most of all VPN service providers put it in their service, but some VPN service providers can not do it well because some other reasons like technology or compatibility, when they put OpenVPN in their service, something not good will happen, some connection will be very slow, some servers can not compatible with OpenVPN, some servers will become unstable, even more, some VPN service providers do not change anything, but just put the words “OpenVPN” in their service or APP for following the trend, that makes no changes.

In the world of VPN service, How can we get the real service with OpenVPN? How can we get the true protection with OpenVPN? How can we enjoy the free and fast internet with OpenVPN? With all the questions, we test many VPN service providers and get some answers, you can choose one of them with your different purpose, we didn’t rank them because we think everybody has their suitable shoes, suit for you not means suit for others, suit for others not means suit for you, so there is no necessary to rank them, it makes no sense.


Based in Hong Kong
No. of countries 141
No. of servers 500+
No. of IPs 80000+

PureVPN is based in HongKong in 2006, with superior geographical conditions and the loose legal l environment, GZ Systems Ltd start provide VPN service, they developed quickly because their high quality service, for now they have 500 servers and 80000 IP in the world, they can ensure you connect their servers and gibe you the best speed wherever you are, and it is cheap too, you can get it for 2 years and  just pay $59.

They always follow the steps of world, especially in the technology, while OpenVPN come out, they studied it very carefully, for now they can put OpenVPN in all the servers and make sure it works well.

PureVPN still offer you custom clients, all their clients are easy to use, they are humanized. And you can get 5 Simultaneous Connections and 7 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you have some question, they offer live chat to help you figure out your problem.

With the law of HongKong, they can keep no logs, and no logs makes the AES-256 Encryption strength can make sense. so if you are someone care much about privacy, you can choose PureVPN, they can protect your behavior in internet, and their servers and supports can give you good experience.



Based in Panama
No. of countries 49
No. of servers 565

NordVPN is start VPN service since 2012, not as old as PureVPN, but it is absolute a revolutionary VPN service provider, and this company is always work on Internet security from 2008. On the security it is better than PureVPN , it offer “Double VPN servers”, which means your data will be encrypt twice with AES-256.

OpenVPN is mature in 2012, that is a good new for Nord VPN, and as a open source NordVPN can combine it with their own service, we must say they did good work. With OpenVPN Nord VPN offer you more safe environment, and they can offer you high speed and stability too.

In addition, NordVPN offer 6 Simultaneous Connections, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, live chat support and you can pay it with Bitcoin. For a year, you just need to pay $48.



Based in Seychelles
No. of countries 50
No. of servers 500+
No. of IPs 10000+

VPN4ALL is good at protecting your privacy, so they choose Seychelles to start their service. Their secure DNS and the At-the-Server Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware,they are all prepared for protecting your data safe, we like them not only for their security policy, but include the high connection speed, it is one of the fastest VPN I have seen.Beside their security policy is good for Chinese people, with NordVPN, you can bypass the GFW easily.

They offer OpenVPN, and offer PPTP,IPSec,SSTP,IKEv2. SSTP can be used on old machine, IKEv2 is perfect for your mobilephone. Their custom clients can provide you the OpenVPN include TCP and UDP, you can get the connection by your need.

Beyond all these things, VPN4ALL offer the follow service: P2P Allow, Live Chat Support, Instant accout actistion, 30 days money back guarantee, 6 Simultaneous Connection, Bitcoin accept, Smart Traffic Routing, Secure DNS, AES 256 bit encryption strength, Dedicated IP, Blackberry Appication,.



Based in Panama
No. of countries 50
No. of servers 1600

Panama is a good place for VPN service as HongKong, so many VPN service provider select Panama as their data center, so is Torguard. TorGuard is good at their custom clients, they has custom clients for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Additionally, they have custom apps for iOS, Android, and the Chrome Web Browser.

You can see from the table, they have so many servers in just 50 countries, that mean they are paying more attention at customer’s experience, what they want to give you is the best service, so they offer OpenVPN which is the fastest and safest protocol, You don’t have to worry about does the encryption would encumber the speed or not, you can get them both.

Torguard offer you 5 Simultaneous Connections, 7 Days Money Back Guarantee and P2P service too, and you can get a Dedicated IP if you want, beside, they provide Private VPN service,Business VPN service ,Proxy service and Anonymous Email.


Private Internet Access:

Based in USA
No. of countries 24 countries, 35 regions
No. of servers 3342

Private Internet Access is another wonderful VPN service provider with OpenVPN, it is based in USA as you see,but they have much more servers than any other VPN providers, maybe that’s why some Chinese people like it very much.And something we must tell you is that you just need pay $40 per year to get their service, as a so excellent VPN provider, the price is very very worthwhile for you.They still offer you P2P, 5 Simultaneous Connection, 7 Days Money Back Guarantee, Gigabit VPN port speeds, but no live chat for you.



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