The Best VPN Service For Android Phone 2018

Which vpn is best for android? Face tons of VPN service, we must ask this question to ourselves. Before we find it, we should understand that what is meaning of the best vpn service for android phone 2018?

In my opinon best means fast, stable, secure and user-friend. And as you know, VPN service consist of many VPN server. Server performance decides your speed and stability. The client decide how easy the VPN service is. At last, we need to know that it wrok well in your location. For example, HideMyAss is so famous but can not working in China.

Now we can find out that what’s the best vpn for android.

Reference two anticles “fastest vpn for android” and “the best vpn app for android”, we know some fast VPN service, they are all famous.

the best vpn service for android phone

We can see that three fast VPN service have user-friendly APP design and Performing well at speed and other server performance.These top VPN for android, we need to know more about them.


Based in: Panama
No. of countries: 59
No. of servers: 2208
IP types Shared IP (Dynamic)

Shared IP (Static)

Dedicated IP

Strict no log policy SSL-based 2048-bit encryption
Torrents and P2P Allow They own DNS servers,so they have DNS Leak Resolver
6 Simultaneous Connection Automatic Kill Switch,Web proxy extension for Google Chrome
30 Days Money Back Guarantee Double Data Encryption
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No. of countries: 195
No. of servers: 700
No. of IPs: 2000000+
Logging policy: Zero Logging DNS
Encryption strength: 256-bit
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic)
Protocols: PPTP,OpenVPN,L2TP,Chameleon
3 days free trial At least 2 Simultaneous Connection

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Based in: British Virgin Islands
No. of countries: 94 countries and 145 locations
No. of servers: 1500+
Protocols: OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols
Logging policy: Zero logging of your browsing activity
DNS Leak: Test good
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic)
Encryption strength: 256-bit military-grade encryption
Torrents and P2P Allow Round-the-clock customer support by contact form,chat or email
Unlimited bandwidth Speed test
Unlimited Switch server 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Mass-mail Allow Unlimited speed
3 Simultaneous Connections 99.9% uptime
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