Blockchain Technology And VPN Service

As Bitcoin becomes more and more popular, blockchain has attracted people’s attention. And more famous companies put this advanced decentralized technology in games and International transactions, because blockchain can protect your own property. So does this technology can protect our privacy in VPN?

Blockchain technology and vpn service

Everybody know that VPN has been used in protecting our privacy and business data, VPN can hide your real IP, and protect your own communication data can not be monitored by government and hackers. Blockchain technology is a technology that protects our property safety. In virtual currency transactions, blockchain’s distributed node consensus algorithm ensures that our transactions can be safe, but blockchain technology makes transaction delayed, it will show everyone your transaction data if someone know your account. And more important is that it is non-modifiable, if you send money to a wrong man, you can not revoke it, this can protect your money But it’s a bit inconvenient.

vpn that accept bitcoin

From all above, we know that Blockchain technology can protect our money but can not protect our privacy. Once other people know your account, they will know your wealth and every transaction. There is no privacy at all. Moreover, if the transfer address is mistyped, it will directly cause permanent loss and it cannot be revoked; if the key is lost, it will also result in unrecovered permanent loss.

In addition, The first time you use the blockchain, you need to download all transaction records in the history to work properly. If there are a lot of historical records and the data is very large, there will be performance problems that will inevitably affect the fluency of our transactions.

So now, maybe Blockchain is not suitable for VPN service, but some days later, as Blockchain developed, may it is good way to protect our privacy.

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