Buffered vpn Review: a new star in vpn service

Buffered VPN is a new VPN service provider,but it is growing very fast in users and in quality of service,from 2014 to now,they increase their servers to 33 countries,so I can say they are potential,for now the speed of Buffered is better than lots of VPN service providers,it has obvious advantage in competition,and it’s a good news for user to watch TV,play online game. For that,it is highly recommended. So I think it is a real credible VPN.


Buffered VPN is a fast developing VPN provider,it is start in 2014,good speed is the best thing of it,and they offer 30 days Moneyback Guarantee and 5 Simultaneous Connection;The IP leak protection and DNS leak protection works well.


As some VPN provider,they don’t have custom APP for iOS and Android;Only OpenVPN protocol;Price is a little high and no live chat.


Basic information

Based in Budapest of Hungary
No. of countries 33
No. of servers 33
Price $12.99/month

$9.99/month(6 month)-23%


buffered vpn price

All plans include all Buffered VPN software, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth.


Their network is not one of the biggest but they make up for it in the quality of the servers they use. Buffered VPN has no servers in Africa and South America,but you can connect India and Mexico,it will be OK.


Protocols OS & Devices APP


Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, since they provide the .ovpn config file, you can also use it on any other devices that accepts this like Smart TV,DD-WRT and Tomato. They have custom client software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Buffered only support OpenVPN protocol, because they think it is more secure than either PPTP or L2TP/IPsec.and they provide the .ovpn config file to customers so you can use their service on almost every devices.But they only have custom client software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux,so if you want use it on iOS or Android,you need to install OpenVPN for Android or OpenVPN Connect from their respective stores and download the OpenVPN configuration files from the dashboard of the Buffered VPN website.


Logging policy: No traffic logs
Encryption strength: AES 128 bit IP leak protection: YES
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic) DNS Leak protection: YES

Though Buffered use AES 128 bit to encrypt your data, but it should be more than sufficient to keep the NSA, your ISP, and hackers out. Less encryption also results in a slightly faster connection.It’s a better choice for most custormer.Still Data authentication is through HMAC SHA1 160 bit.  The initial handshake and subsequent transfer of cipher between the server and the client is through TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, 2048-bit RSA. That’s enough for your while you are surfing the internet and give you more speed.

Shared dynamic IP is more safe for you , it means that even if they receive a take down request they can’t pinpoint the user.

Some information of you like duration of the connection will be kept for 30 days, but never store information about what the user does during the connection,like the private information about individual user activities on our network, such as emails, chats, VOIP calls, websites visited, etc.And due to taxation laws, we are compelled to store your name and address longer.But Hungary is far away from US and UK jurisdictions,it’s only under Hungarian and EU jurisdiction which have data privacy laws for individuals,and the EU has recently declared that data retention is not required by ISPs.


Buffered app users will use the company’s DNS servers instead of their ISP’s, which ensures more privacy. A quick test on IPleak.net showed the DNS leak protection works well.

Speed and Stability

We test the speed of Buffered,it works perfectly.From different servers and at different time ,we streamed HD video without any issues,and played online fighting game without any noticeable lag. The speed of their server in Ashburn, Virginia, UK and Australia are excellent,As we said at the beginning of this article, they make up for the number of servers in the quality of the servers.Almost all their server works well in speed and stability, there is just a 10% difference in speed between the connection directly to our ISP and the connection to Buffered’s servers.


Unlimited speed YES Customer Support a ticket submission system


24/7 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth YES Instant accout actistion YES
Unlimited Switch server YES Money back guarantee 30Days Money Back Guarantee
Free trial No
Payment methods 5 Simultaneous Connection

buffered payment methord

There are some conditions placed on their guarantee:You cannot have exceeded 100 sessions and/or 10GB of bandwidth usage during this period.


It is a pity of that there is only a ticket submission system for customer and no live chat.


User Testimonials

buffered reviews


Register is easy,and you just need provide your username and email address.

buffered login

buffered vpn software

We test the client on the Windows,it is very easy to use,you just need click your mouse to connect their server,besides,you can set your favorite servers.

When you connected their server,it will show the down speed and up speed for you,from that you can decide use this server or not.And you can see there is a button named “DOWNLOAD TEST”,you can click it see what will happen.

There is a function named Test Firewall in the menu, This is useful to find ports that are open to be able to bypass firewalls that could be blocking some ports and could be potentially used to bypass password protected Wi-Fi firewalls.


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