Bypass Restrictions of Geography,You Need GhostPath

Ghost Path helps you defeat geo-blocking so that you can watch your favorite TV shows & movies as well as visit your favorite sites, no matter where you are.

What’s more,when you surf the internet,you are anonymous absolutely,nobody know your IP,nobody know your place,it gives you feel of free,and it protect your private data that you send and receive from hacker, giving you peace of mind and online anonymity.


It give you amazing speed for your game or TV,three price plans for different needs,and they offer 7 days money back guarantee;you can get the client free.


NO multi Simultaneous Connection;No Alipay;No app for iOS and Android;Only one connection.

Basic information

Based in USA
No. of countries 49
No. of servers 142
No. of IPs 244 anonymous IP addresses
Price $5.00/week



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Whilst GhostPath doesn’t offer a free trial,but it boast a 7 days money back guarantee,You can choose weekly plan,monthly plan or yearly plan, On the whole,the yearly plan is more cheap than other,and I think VPN is more popular,and more important in our lives, so you should choose the yearly plan for good.

price of ghostpath in vpnif

Unlike some other VPN providers,in GhostPath’s different plans,you can get the same service like same protocol you can choose,same servers you can choose,and it is unlimited usage and free server switches in all three plans.

You can goto the website of GhostPath to see where are their servers,or you can see it in the picture below,their servers is all over the world,it’s serried in USA and Europe,you can connect the server wherever you are.and You are free to connect to any server that you want and you can switch between servers as often as you want.

servers of ghostpath in vpnif

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Protocols OS & Devices



Windows,Mac,iOS,Android, DD-WRT Router, Apple TV

By both OpenVPN and PPTP supported,GhostPath is compatible with most known and commonly used software like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Besides it is compatible with a DD-WRT Router,so gaming consoles and devices like Apple TV as well are all supported by GhostPath, You can use your VPN account on as many devices as you like, with no data transfer limits.


Logging policy: No log
Encryption strength: AES 256-bit
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic)

Ghost Path gives you bank-grade encryption, insuring that your private data is never exposed.without the encryption cyber criminals can decode the data sent between your computer and a website, and uncover information that helps them access your private data even steal anything from your online banking information and credit card numbers to your private personal information.

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GhostPath does not collect or monitor the logs of the users,it allows you to be anonymous online, hide your private data, and stop hackers.However,they just only records such as duration of session, bytes transferred and date of connection.

Speed and Stability

Speed tests show that United States servers experience connection speeds of between 15Mbps and 18Mbps on average, and United Kingdom users can get to be closer to 15Mbps. In this speed range, GhostPath puts the surfing to enjoy, along with fast downloads, streaming videos, shows, plays, playing games and completing hundreds of file transfers, and so on.

The free software that comes with a GhostPath subscription automatically tests the nearest VPN servers to determine the best connection speed and stability for each user.And Unlimited bandwidth makes this service more fast and more free,with impressive server base, GhostPath ranks high in this category.


Torrents and P2P Allow Yes Customer Support Email, Telephone, Live Chat, 24/7 customer support
Unlimited bandwidth YES Instant accout actistion YES
Unlimited Switch server YES Money back guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free trial No

payment method of ghostpath in vpnif

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They guarantee you’ll love GhostPath, so you can try it for 7 days, if you don’t like it they will refund you. So “Start free trial” is not real free trial that they told us in their website, it is just 7 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Live Chat is the best way for customer,they can get the answer directly,and it can solve the problem quickly and clearly,if you are trouble in process of operation,they will help you like they are beside you.


client of ghostpath in vpnif 1

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