CactusVPN Review:Small but powerful VPN service

CactusVPN is a small but powerful VPN service provider,the cheap price is a good selling point for us,and there are much more feature list below.we didn’t test the speed this time, CactusVPN offer 24 hours free trial,before you buy it you can test it from your ISP and you bandwidth,it is more accurate for you.

They provide many features about their VPN service,DNS service and about their promotion like refer to your friends,follow their giveaway rules to get free VPN or DNS account.


Smart DNS of Cactus VPN is good for your streaming,they also provide auto proxy for you,24 hours free trial and 30-days money back guarantee are both allowed by Cactus VPN, It is infrequent in my mind.There is an interesting thing named “Apps. Killer” is more useful as their auto proxy, it is better then the ‘internet kill switch’.They also offer software for Windows,Mac,iOS and Android,it’s very good,with the 3 Simultaneous Connection,you can be so free while you surfing the internet.Best of all,the price of Cactus is reasonable even cheap for you,we recommend you buy the VPN+SmartDNS as $3.49 per month.


Port forwarding is not offered, and we think they should add more server over the world.


Basic information

Based in Moldova
No. of countries 7
No. of servers 19
Price $2.49/month for only VPN service

$3.49/month for both VPN and DNS service

$2.49/month for only DNS service

cactus vpn and smart dns price

The servers of CactusVPN is only in four countries,it include four servers in the United States, six servers in the United Kingdom, and a total of six in Romania and the Netherlands,it is not much servers, but people need servers which work great, people don’t usually need 100 servers in 80 different locations. Their servers will help you access coverage of sporting events and unblock sites like BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

The price category of Cactus VPN is not same as the other VPN providers,if your only want the VPN service or only DNS service,you will pay $2.49 per month,but here we recommend you the VPN+SmartDNS package,it’s cost-effective in all,and it still cheap as you see.Beside, If you already have a CactusVPN package, you can buy a second one at 50% OFF. Use it as a gift for a friend, a surprise for your spouse, or just keep it for you. And if you plan to buy more packages just let them know from ticket system,and they have great discounts.



Protocols OS & Devices APP






Windows,Mac,iOS,Android,Windows phone,Ubuntu,Boxee Box,Smart Routers,Chromebook Windows client,Mac client,Android App,iOS App

A nice bonus feature is AutoProxy, and SoftEther has recently been added to the list of available protocols too, SoftEther VPN is one of the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use multi-protocol VPN software. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD and Solaris.As we know, VPNGate is one of VPN provider with SoftEther VPN.But we don’t see any reason to use any protocol other than the highly secure OpenVPN.

cactus vpn software list

cactus vpn devices and os


Logging policy: No logs Encryption strength: AES 256 bit
IP types: Shared IP (Static) DNS Leak: YES

They keep no logs about what you do on the internet or what you upload and download, connection logs will not be kept. it’s acceptable though we like no logs more.

For most VPN protocols we use 256 bit AES encryption that makes your traffic safe and impossible to decrypt,With 2048-bt key authentication on OpenVPN connections, 256-bit SSL key encryption on SSTP, and 128-bit to 256-bit(You can choose the encryption strength yourself) encryption on L2TP/IPsec connections.

Shared Static IP is not the best way for hiding your real IP address, Shared dynamic IP is best. Dynamic IP is changing for every customers,it is difficult to track the users .


Torrents and P2P Allow: Yes, through the Netherlands or Romanian servers Customer Support: Live Chat

Support Ticket

24/7/365 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth: YES port forwarding: No
Unlimited speed: YES Money back guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Payment methods: Free trial: 1 day
3 Simultaneous Connection 1 Gbit servers Network


cactus vpn payment methord


You can use up to three devices simultaneously if they are connected to different servers.Notice the different servers,for example, you can connect your laptop to the NL server to do a bit torrent downloading, your tablet to the UK server so you can watch iPlayer programs, and your phone to the US server for a bit of Pandora streaming.

Try our VPN services for free for 24 hours,and no credit card is required, no speed and bandwidth limitations, While nowhere near as generous as that offered by some providers, this is still very welcome.Though it is a free trial account,there is no credit card is required,no speed and bandwidth limitations,no kind of unwanted ads,no logs and access to all VPN servers using all VPN protocols.Beside you can promote their VPN service or follow the giveaway rules to get a free VPN account.

Money back guarantee is effective with some conditions, you can ask a refund if you can’t connect to VPN servers or Smart DNS service. In case of Smart DNS you can also ask a refund if any of the sites from the unblocked websites list is still blocked for you,they do not refund for VPN speed issues

Auto Proxy

Each VPN server doubles as a free proxy server, This feature comes as a bonus. Rather than changing your IP for every site you visit, AutoProxy allows you to configure your browser so that your IP will only change for a list of certain websites, This allows you to seamlessly access many of the most popular geo-restricted sites, while leaving the rest of your internet browsing experience alone.

APPs. Killer

Apps. Killer is better than the internet kill switch found on some clients, by only closing the applications which you choose rather than shutting off the entire internet. The feature is especially popular for members who use the VPN service for P2P / torrent purposes.

Smart DNS

With Smart DNS ,Surf online from anywhere in the world using original provider’s speed. Direct access to the sites with no loss of speed. You can do this by VPN, but as no encryption is involved the connection is faster. You can get the free Smart DNS trial and enjoy our Smart DNS services for 7 days for free. It is a great way to test the services before buying,and No credit card is required,no speed and bandwidth limitations,no kind of unwanted ads.

You can promote CactusVPN on your blog, forum or online community by writing a review or describing their services,the best of all for that is you can get a free Smart DNS account,you can do the same thing to get a free VPN account.

They run giveaways on a regular basis,for that you will get VPN or DNS services for free too.

Refer a friend

Tell your friend about your CactusVPN experience and get a prize. If your friend makes an order, we’ll reward each of you with a free month of CactusVPN services.


CactusVPN Review

cactus vpn reviews

Learning Center

cactus learning center


cactus vpn app

This is the client for Windows,you can connect to VPN in seconds with it. Absolutely no technical knowledge required.

As you see in the picture,you can switch the city, country or protocol easily,but it will not show the IP to you.

APP.Killer is the best function we like,it is not same as Kill Switch.With is you will be protected even if the connection is not stable. Set up which applications will be closed when the connection drops.

Easily switch VPN servers or use the “Sort by speed” feature to sort all the servers based on their speed so you can choose the fastest one at any given moment.

You can choose how often your IP address will be automatically updated. That’s useful when you ISP often changes your IP address.

Still they offer DNS leak protection, You can be sure there will be not DNS leak by turning on the build in DNS leak protection feature.


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