In China ExpressVPN is popular and Usable

ExpressVPN has a high price,so first question for me is why,I think many people have the same question.With this doubt,I have my journey to find out “Is it worthy to have ExpressVPN ?Is ExpressVPN has a high-speed for us?What features does it has?Is it real anonymous?”As a result,I have loved it,it is real very good vpn service even for chinese,in china expressvpn can be visit directly. It has good security to makes you real anonymous,and on website of ExpressVPN,you can find many useful information to use it well,it offer muti-language for people from different country,it knows what you need,where you should pay attention,and it give me high-speed to streaming, and its seamless connection back is too quickly to feel it, this is wonderful for me.

30 days Money Back Guarantee,you can see how confident they are,that means you can use ExpressVPN free for 30 days.

In 2017, we recommand you ExpressVPN, so we list it as “Most Reliable VPN Service In 2017” ,or you can see “Feelings Of Using ExpressVPN“, that will show you the real user experience from other people.

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it’s a good vpn,it has high-speed and real anonymous,this is the two important things,and the web is abundant for you to surf.If you Refer a friend and you will both get 30 days free.About the payment,they support Alipay,it’s a good news for Chinese. What is more exciting is that ExpressVPN is still working in China.


It’s high price makes more people fear,and their software has no automation on start-up.

Basic information

Based in British Virgin Islands
No. of countries 94 countries and 145 locations
No. of servers 1500+
Price $12.95/month

$9.99/month(6 month)


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price of expressvpn

servers of expressvpn

Protocols OS & Devices
OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols ExpressVPN’s apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and BlackBerry are incredibly easy to set up and use. ExpressVPN also offers setup configurations for devices like AppleTV and more.

devices of china expressvpn


ExpressVPN also encrypts your traffic between secure VPN servers and your computer, so that it can’t be read by third parties in between, such as your Internet Service Provider or your local Wi-Fi operator .and ExpressVPN uses AES with 256-bit keys, 256-bit keys means 2256 or 1.1 x 1077 possible combinations. That’s 115,​792,​089,​237,​316,​195,​423,​570,​985,​008,​687,​907,​853,​269,​ 984,​665,​640,​560,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000 combinations,it can’t be brute-force attacked.

Logging policy ExpressVPN is very good, does not and will never log Browsing history,Traffic data,DNS queries.Why they can do like that,first,ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands law affords more privacy and anonymity than U.S. or European law,this making ExpressVPN an ideal offshore VPN;second, ExpressVPN has been supported by some non-profit digital privacy advocacy groups financially like Electronic Frontier Foundation,The Internet Defense League,Fight for the Future,Access Now,OpenMedia,They are proud of this.

Logging policy: Zero logging of your browsing activity DNS Leak: Test good
Encryption strength: 256-bit military-grade encryption IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic)


First of all, ExpressVPN has a high speed from my use,I can watch HD video on Hulu and Netflix smoothly,and there is a very different design,you can test your speed on the APP,so you can choose a suitable server from the list,and you can achieve different levels of streaming video quality with different Download Speeds, The Speed Test is available on ExpressVPN for Windows, Mac, and Android. You won’t find a VPN Speed Test like this on other VPN apps! Take the world’s fastest VPN for a test drive.
speed test china expressvpn


ExpressVPN is a very featured VPN service,you can find it out from “Speed test”,” Payment methods”,” refer friends and get 30 days of free service for each signup” and so on.

refer friends and get 30 days of free service for each signup


Torrents and P2P Allow Round-the-clock customer support by contact form,chat or email
Unlimited bandwidth Speed test
Unlimited Switch server 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Mass-mail Allow Unlimited speed
3 Simultaneous Connections 99.9% uptime

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Payment methods

pay with alipay of china in expressvpn

Unblock websites at home and abroad

unblock in china with expressvpn


How people from facebook and twitter say ExpressVPN

They love getting their censored sites back

They’re amazed by how easy it is to install

They can’t believe the great value for money

They’re blown away by the connection speed

They love that no one knows where they’re connecting from

They feel that their data is safe and secure – whatever they’re doing

They refer ExpressVPN to their friends (get 30 days of free service for each signup)


ExpressVPN provide a series of software for their customers,you can connect internet with all devices,and as the picture below,it’s so easy.

simple steps for chinese express vpn

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