Difference between SSL and SSH and VPN

When I looking for a VPN, I found that there are so many things influence me, include SSL and SSH. I am going to find out what’s the Difference between SSL and SSH and VPN.


SSL is one of VPN, so we call it SSL VPN, it means “Secure Sockets Layer”, SSL is used predominantly for securely transmitting critical information like in credit cards and banking. SSL is born for go through NAT, but in fact the speed is unacceptable, so it is suit for surf the internet, but if you want to streaming, that’s not a good option. OpenVPN is an SSL VPN, it becomes more popular because it’s excellent performance. It can take care of both security and speed.

topological table BETWEEN ssl and ssh


SSH is a proxy with data encrypted, it is for securely executing commands across the internet. SSH uses a username and password authentication system to establish a secure connection. But if you access Facebook from APP with SSH, then you will disappoint. As a proxy, it can run only on your browser but not as a VPN. What’s more is that SSH will not offer you a virtual  IP and a virtual  MAC address.

topological graph BETWEEN ipsec and ssl vpn


VPN can enveloped data and encrypt the data. So it is safe with VPN service. VPN will offer you a IP, so your ISP will not know your real IP, it protect you from ISP and hackers. You are anonymous then. With VPN, you can access blocked website and long distance website by browser , or you can sign in your account from app, VPN is global.

So we can know this:

  • Security: SSL > VPN > SSH
  • Speed: SSH > VPN > SSL
  • Bypass censorship: VPN > SSL > SSH
  • Bypass GEO-restrictions: VPN > SSH > SSL
  • Game: VPN > SSH >SSL
  • Business: SSL > VPN > SSH

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