Difference between vpn and https

HTTPS (Secure HTTP) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) are a more secure way to browse the web. Why do you need to use a VPN when you have already turned on HTTPS?What’s the difference between vpn and https?

There are two useful videos that try to explain technical jargon like HTTPS, VPN, WPA.


About https:

The basic idea of HTTPS is that you encrypt traffic between your computer and the web server so that eavesdroppers cannot see any of that information. But HTTPS will only encrypt traffic between your browser and a particular website. But web sites, most websites like Facebook, Yahoo not used https all of the time.

how https working

About vpn:

VPN will encrypt all traffic between your computer and the Internet. It doesn’t matter if the connection is http or the wireless network is not encrypted. If you are in a VPN network you can request for https sites. So HTTPS on a VPN would be more secure.

how vpn working

Difference Between VPN and HTTPS

Difference Between VPN and HTTPS



For security

SSL protocol PPTP, IPSec,L2TP ets
Encrypt https website Encrypt all the internet
Useless for APP, only useful for broswer Useful for any access on internet

VPN benefits

It is clear that VPN is better than https in security. In addition VPN can do more things for you.

some benefits of vpn


But for safety,it is never safe to use a public computer. Because you do not know if there is malicious software installed on it.Unless you just want to search for information, read the news.


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