Effective VPN For Netflix

As a most popular video streaming industry, Netflix have a lot of movies and TV show for 190 countries. But now there is a bad news for VPN customers, Netflix has blocked VPN users because copyright now, some VPN service can’t access Netflix or slow.

The biggest effect of this matter is that there will be 21 million Chinese can’t watch TV on Netflix, because Netflix hasn’t get in to China.

For the purpose of streaming, good speed is the first element we consider. To enjoy the Netflix, we find some effective VPN for Netflix, but be attention, Netflix is still working on block VPN.

Then what kinds of VPN is effective for Netflix?

With dedicated IP or static IP

For services such as Netflix, detecting and blocking such a VPN or proxy would be fairly simple. All services to do is track where the user is connecting and note that a large number of users who have accounts from around the world seem to be connecting from the same IP address(server). Those IP addresses(server) can then be blacklisted. VPN service can switch to the new IP address(server), Netflix will eventually notice and stop again. This is an eternal cat and mouse game.

Therefore, to stop the block, simply stop using the shared VPN. Instead, you should get your own unique IP address associated with your VPN.

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dedicated IP of torguard vpn


It’s the simple way to unblock Netflix, what’s more, smartDNS would be block, but it’s more difficult than tell SSL apart from regular HTTPS traffic.

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strongdns plus strong vpn

With port 443

This port is used on https, and without https, shopping or banking, would be impossible. So for Netflix, they will not close the port 443. Therefore, change your VPN port to 443, Netflix would hard to block you then.

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setting port 443 of torguard vpn


TLS/SSL is the encryption used by HTTPS, as port 443, https will be used on Netflix and it will not be shut down. TLS/SSL can be transferred with https without being found.

AirVPN is the only VPN provider I know of to offer stunnel functionality. For other VPN service provider, you need to discuss the situation with your VPN provider.

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client of airvpn


SSH is similar to SSL tunneling, Its use is mainly restricted to the business world, and is nowhere near as popular as SSL. Just because of this, Netflix and other service will not pay much more attention on that, so we can use it to unblock Netflix.

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