ExpressVPN Money Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN offer us 100% money back guarantee without any question. That means if you have any problem about their service, you can contact support to ask refund.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee of Expressvpn

ExpressVPN offer lasts for exactly 30 days Money Back Guarantee. It’s the longest time for money back guarantee I have seen. There still some VPN service promise 30 days money back guarantee like NordVPN. But No one promise more than 30 days.

100% money back guarantee

100% money back guarantee of ExpressVPN

Not as some VPN service, ExpressVPN promise 100% money back. If you want to get money back, you will get a full money refund. I know some VPN service would deduct the cost of a variety of services, you can’t get all your money back.

And some VPN service would return your money only when you satisfy a certain condition. For example, Buffered has a 30-day money-back guarantee, but A user can only claim the refund if they’ve used the service less than ten hours and used less than ten gigabytes of data.

Why no free trial?

Why no free trial with ExpressVPN

When we test some other VPN service who has a free trial, we found that the free trial account is limited or it is too powerful than paid subscriptions. It is not happen on all free trial VPN. But it’s not right, users test free trial to help them to know the VPN is worthy to buy or not. Those behavior of VPN service provider confuse the customers.

So ExpressVPN offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee instead of free trial. You can get any subscription you like, and if you are not satisfy, you can cancel the service at any time within 30 days. There will be no more question and you will get a full refund.

In other words, the ExpressVPN guarantee is 100% risk-free.

Why ExpressVPN make all these promise?

ExpressVPN's Money Back Guarantee

The reason is simple. First of all is that they are very confident with their service. They believe their VPN is perfect enough to keep all customers. They believe their VPN is very good at speed, security, privacy, reliability and support. In fact, they are proving that they are the best VPN service by their behavior.

By the way, ExpressVPN also offer 24*7 live chat support. The place they are based in is the British Virgin Islands, whose law is not restricted by US and UK,it’s perfect to VPN service, you can be real anonymous with that. The servers work in 94 countries. Their stealth Servers is more safe to our privacy and meta data. Some days ago, a.onion Tor Web of ExpressVPN can be visit.

Second reason is that they trust all their customers. All user will give ExpressVPN a fair review, they love their customers.

In 2017, we recommand you ExpressVPN, so we list it as “Most Reliable VPN Service In 2017” ,or you can see “Feelings Of Using ExpressVPN“, that will show you the real user experience from other people.

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