Honest Act About HideMyAss Logs

We say that HideMyAss is an honest VPN service provider that is discussed from HideMyAss logs, from the security of VPN services and the authenticity of VPN service providers.

secure of a VPN is important

Security is one of the most important functions of VPN services. In security performance, we are concerned with some data that we can not view at any time, such as whether to log. We can not know whether the VPN service provider records our connection and access data, we can only leave the trust to the VPN service provider, which is indeed sad. So there are a lot of VPN service providers telling us that their service will not record our log at all, but is this true? No one can answer this question, we can only choose to believe or do not believe. As we published before “About No Log VPN“, it tells everyone the same: “we found some VPN providers with relatively transparent logging and relatively high degree of trust in the VPN service.”

About No Log VPN

Speaking of VPN log records, why do we have to talk about HideMyAss logs? Visit multiple VPN providers’ sites you will find that the vast majority of websites tell us that they will not record our log. However, into their privacy policy you will find that they will either log the log, but will not be used for other commercial purposes, nor will the data be provided to a third party, or the log is ambiguous, not clear statement. In contrast to these service providers, HideMyAss logs, he explicitly told all the visitors, who will log, log which logs, and where the logs will be used. Here we quote some of the privacy policies from HideMyAss:

We will store a time stamp and IP address when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service, the amount data transmitted (up- and download) during your session together with the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you. We do not store details of, or monitor, the websites you connect to when using our VPN service. We collect aggregated statistical (non-personal) data about the usage of our mobile apps and software.

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We will share your personal data with third parties only in the ways that are described in this privacy policy.


So what about the log like HideMyAss in the end we have any effect?

First, the log will definitely expose our network behavior, which we do not want to see. If you are in the network for illegal acts, then the log will give you trouble.In fact, even if there is no log records, the Government can also bring you to justice. The log may be used for other commercial purposes, harassing your life, and even bringing you money. So it is particularly important to have a clear privacy policy and a trusted VPN provider.

Second, logging can bring data analysis to VPN service providers to improve network speed and stability, giving us a better and faster web experience. Logging can clarify our network behavior and help us free from allegations.

This shows that although logging can expose our network behavior, but in fact it can also bring us a lot of benefits, the key is whether we can make good use of log records, whether to ensure that log records are not abused. We believe that VPN service providers should be with HideMyAss logs, with a clear privacy policy to attract your users. This is a long-term stable development of the only choice, and those who rely on deception and lies to survive the business doomed not far away.

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