How to choose vpn service for you

How to choose vpn service for you ? For anyone who spends any time on the web, it’s important knowledge to have.

With vpn, you connect to your VPN through your ISP, and then your VPN connects to the rest of the web. During this process, your VPN provider encrypts all the traffic going to and from your computer.

picking a perfect VPN service for you

But, the VPN company itself can keep logs of your activity as your ISP could. And some law enforcement agencies may be able to monitor your devices directly, or force your VPN provider to record your actions.

This problom depends on the law in your part of the world (or where the VPN is based), the services you’ve been accessing, and the policies of the VPN company.

Picking a VPN is difficult, because you’re placing your trust in a VPN provider. And there are something you need to be all attention when you are choosing a vpn.


When choosing a VPN, a wide server network, as well as positive server speeds, are essential to a good service.

And more important thing is the stability of the server is a very big thing for your surfing.


When choosing your VPN, Speed needs to be one of your top priorities. We’ve tested out the speeds of all our reviewed VPNs, so you know you’ll be getting quality high speed when you make a VPN purchase. And some vpns offer free trail, you can test it yourself first.

Encryption strength

High encryption strength is better for us to protect our privacy, but that will be slow down the speed. So it isn’t means that highest encryption strength is best.


No-logging policy is our only purpose, that is one of the reason we choose vpn to protect the privacy.


OpenVPN is a new open source protocol, it is high levels of security with low processing. It is  the best choice of security and speed.

Other options like SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec exist as well. PPTP isn’t a very good option for weak encryption. SSTP is only supported on Windows. L2TP/IPsec is a decent protocol with good encryption strength that is common on iOS mobile applications, it’s better than PPTP in encryption.

Platform Adaptability

The best VPNs have applications for every platform–whether that means for browsers, mobile phone, tablets, or PC and Mac.

Customer Support

Customer support for a VPN is very important. If you have an error or problem with your service, or even just a question, an excellent customer support team can be a lifesaver. Anyway, live chat is the best way for user.

Ease of Use

Most VPNs are relatively easy to use. VPN providers offen offer VPN clients. All of the heavy encryption and security protection will be taken care of by the client for you. But some clients are unreliable VPNs that tend to crash, or have bugs.

Payment methods

The best VPNS take all forms of payment including regular debit cards like Visa, standard Paypal options, BitCoin and even gift cards. Yes–you heard me, gift cards.

Extra Services

Some vpn providers offer add-ons to raise the price. Indeed some add-ons like in-house proxies, encrypted email, VPN routers, multiple clients, and Stealth offerings can improve a user’s experience.

But some feature of some vpn service providers are not need extra pay. Like “free trail, money back guarantee, X Concurrent Connections”

Policy of Throttle Connections, Limit Bandwidth, or Restrict Services

A service with fine print that restricts you to X number of TBs of data is acceptable, but really unlimited bandwith should be expected.

Kill Switch System

Good VPN providers have a kill switch system in place such that if the VPN connection fails for any reason it automatically locks down the connection so that the computer doesn’t default to using the open and unsecured internet connection.

As we said before “Picking a VPN is difficult”. When you are choosing a vpn, what you should consider first is that what you need to do with it. For example, if you are a gamer, you need choose a low ping VPN. However, you should choose a high encryption strength VPN if you are a mobile workers, The high security of a VPN ensures that your sensitive data is protected.

Here are some good vpn service that I have used, may be they are good for you too, you can test them first.

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