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ibVPN is offered the VPN service at the beginning of 2010,before that they offering proxy services in 2003,and ibDNS service is started at 2014.I like ibVPN,the 24 hours free trial is very good,you can try it to see it is good for you or not.The DNS service is contained in the Ultimate VPN package,so you will get good experience of Hulu and Netflix and other streaming.The security of ibVPN is good in especial the dynamic IPs,it’s the best way to keep untracking,but they promise no activity logs,so everything is fine.It is suitable for personal.It is suitable for personal,you can try it first.


Google Chrome Extension, SmartDNS, Business VPN, Both 15 Days Money Back Guarantee and 6 hours free trial, proxy server,Contain all protocols and compatible with almost all device.


The package still a little complicated.More servers will be fine.Dynamic IPs only.

Basic information

Based in Romania
No. of countries 47 countries in 63 locations
No. of servers 100+
No. of IPs 2000+

The servers of ibVPN contain VPN server,ibDNS server and proxy server, Proxy Servers is in all countries, Torrent in 7 countries: in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, and Hong Kong.Though ibVPN’s number of server is not much as many other VPN provider I have reviewed,but they do a good job of offering fast VPN connections in key locations around the world. You can easily tell which servers allow torrent traffic.  They are marked with P2P at the beginning of the server name and grouped at the bottom of the server list.

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IbVPN has very complicated packages,but compare to before, it is simple enough.There are 7 categories package for you:

  • Ultimate VPN: $58.06/Year
  • Standard VPN: $18.47/Year Or $2.47/Month
  • Torrent VPN: $36.95/Year Or $4.95/Month
  • SmartDNS: $36.95/Year Or $4.95/Month
  • Family VPN 7 (VPN + SmartDNS) $8.32/month paid yearly or $13.95/month billed monthly
  • Small Business VPN 15 (VPN + SmartDNS) $16.66/month paid yearly or $24.95/month billed monthly
  • Small Business VPN 25 (VPN + SmartDNS) $33.32/month paid yearly or $44.95/month billed monthly

Now IbVPN provider 30% discount, you can pay $41.47 for a year.

Every plan has different rights,all plans except Standard VPN and Torrent VPN include SmartDNS or Proxy. Standard VPN and SmartDNS are not allow to P2P or Torrents download.By the way Standard VPN is come from the country VPN of ibVPN in order to simplify the offers.

Ultimate VPN has 5 Simultaneous Connections, Family VPN 7 has 7 Simultaneous Connections, Small Business VPN 15 and Small Business VPN 25 respectively has 15 Simultaneous Connections and 25 Simultaneous Connections. Others have only 1 connection.

There are still some difference in proxy Servers,protocols and others between all the packages. You can see the details of every vpn packages here.

price table of personal ibvpn in vpnif


Protocols OS & Devices APP
PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec/IKEv2 Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Roku streaming player, Playstation Consoles, Xbox Consoles, DD-WRT Routers, Sabai Routers Desktop Application,Mobile Application,Android Application,iOS Application,Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-on, Opera Add-on

They offer a series of very easy and particular instructions for you,you can easily to select it and follow the videos to set up your OS or device,no matter you buy a VPN service or a ibDNS service or other.

ibvpn compatibility in vpnif

There is a easy-understand table for you to select protocols, it’s a sweet things for customers.

ibvpn protocols on vpnif

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Logging policy: No activity logs
Encryption strength: AES 256 bit
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic)

They started by offering PPTP and L2TP connections.  As time passed they added support for OpenVPN. This will make the traffic more safe.

ibVPN does not track users Internet usage and does not keep logs of users’ activity.but according to ibVPN’s privacy policy,they log the following information and keep the data for 7 days:Time, date and location VPN connection was made,Duration of the VPN connection,Bandwidth used during the connection.

this is quite standard practice, even among ‘no logs’ companies.

ibVPN implements the extremely secure Blowfish algorithm with 256 bit keys to encode your data before transmitting it to the Internet.Sensitive data like contact details, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers are protected with the 256 bit SSL orAES encryption giving you peace of mind that your data is secure and private at all times.

Unfortunately, ibVPN uses dynamic IPs rather than shared IPs,it is not good as static IPs,as everyone know static IPs means many users share the same IP address,it’s hard to know which individual is responsible for which actions performed online.But dynamic IPs is not like that,it’s directly linked to your real IP,that is a dangerous.

Speed and Stability

With SmartDNS,ibVPN will give you good speed experience.The OpenVPN is the most fast in our test,L2TP is just a little slow than OpenVPN,but it still pretty good.The speed of ibVPN is good to view the video like Hulu,Netflix and so on.We recommend you use UDP for streaming services like Netflix when you choose OpenVPN, You will notice an increase in speed using UDP over TCP.

Servers is a important factor for speed,though ibVPN has not so many servers,they organize their servers in the key locations around the world,and they have multiple server locations in popular countries like the United States and United Kingdom.


Torrents and P2P Allow: Yes,some servers allow torrents traffic Customer Support: Support Ticket, Email, Live Chat, 24/7/365 customer support
Unlimited bandwidth: YES Instant accout actistion: YES
Free trial: 24 hours free trial Money back guarantee: 15 Days Money Back Guarantee
Different package has different Simultaneous Connections

They offer both Money Back Guarantee and Free trial, it’s unusual service for customer,you will be happy to hear this message,24 hours free trial can give you enough time to test their service,and 15 days money back guarantee gives you more time.More than this, they offer Kill switch now, this makes you more safe.

They provide over 50 international payment options which include: Credit/Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro and more), eWallets (PayPal, WebMoney) and many other (AliPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin,Yandex, Bank Wire Transfer and more).

payment method of ibvpn

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The clien is easy to use, we could select which server to connect to, and which protocol to use from general tab.

Clicking on the client’s Settings tab allows you to configure how you want it to behave and they also have Advances Settings where you set a kill switch and auto reconnect.

ibDNS tab allow you choose a DNS server for fast media streaming. With ibDNS you can unblock websites that are restricted and you can enjoy them at the same reliability and speed as it would be with a regular internet connection.

app setting of ibvpn

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ibvpn coupons

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