Internet privacy is about to disappear,so protect your information yourself

As US Senate votes to allow ISPs to sell people’s data without their consent , Internet privacy is about to disappear,so you must protect your information yourself .(you can see this news here)

internet privacy is a big lie

We know the story about Edward Snowden, and we can see from that our privacy is always been spy on, but now the privacy will been sold and shared blatantly. Do you want to happen?  I think the next thing we can do is protect your information yourself.

I have two ways to do that. First one, as possible as you can not touch the internet, in our lives we can not do it. Last way we can do is encrypt our data in the network. Maybe VPN is your best choice, so we should find a good VPN service provider which can  protect our data 100%.

After our research, we list some good VPN service providers to keep us anonymous in the network.


Nordvpn is based in Panama, first the good point is the law can help us to protect our privacy ,  and their no log policy can been well executed, so no body can get in touch with our information with NordVPN, 565 server in 49 countries can let us surf the internet no matter where you are. you can use your iPhone, Android, Mac or other devices with NordVPN. The software of NordVPN is easy to use. By the way , you can have 6 Simultaneous Connections and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.You can get more information here.


VyprVPN is powered by Golden Frog , Their new Chameleon technology defeats VPN blocking and throttling worldwide. As NordVPN, VyprVPN is based in Switzerland which is an open country the law can protect our internet privacy. They still keep no logs and offer us AES-256 bit encryption. AES-256 bit encryption can make our data completely safe. The Shared IP they offered makes no one can track you, In addition to that they can provide you NAT Firewall, that’s another way keep your data safe. Though there is no money back guarantee ,they can give you 500M free trial . By the way VyprVpn is discounting, Click here to  know more about VyprVpn.

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