Last 1 days: ivacy Coupon in June 2017(1 year free)

What’s the ivacy coupon 2017

ivacy VPN offer us a great coupon in the next 4 days. if you want that, you need action before June 24, 2017.

This ivacy coupon is: Buy 1 year plan, you will get another 1 year free. Besides you can get further 10% discount on all plan if you buy ivacy VPN. Let me calculate it, $4.08×12 months=$48.96,and 10% discount, $48.96×90%=$44.064, Average monthly you need pay is $44.064÷24months=$1.836. That’s amazing, you just need $1.836 permonth to get ivacy vpn. Compared with normal price, you can save $53. It’s better than NordVPN and PureVPNnormal price of ivacy

ivacy coupon in the website

Now we need to know is ivacy VPN good enough for us.


The headquartered of ivacy is in Singapore, a multicultural country. From 2007, they start VPN service. From then on, they have optimized their network for Torrent and other P2P users. So you can say that ivacy VPN is good at Torrent.


The “purpose” allow you choose your VPN setting by what you want to do with VPN service. It is as country select. Selecting a country, then you will connect the fastest server in that country. Selecting your purpose, it will change your setting automatically.

Purpose of ivacy app

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling let you can decide which application are through the VPN tunneling and which are through the ISP. It’s a good way to improve VPN performance.

Split Tunneling of ivacy app

Other features

As you know, ivavy is one of best vpn service for torrent; And you can have 5 simultaneous connections;Server number are more than 200 in 50+ countries; ivacy promise 7 days money back but there are some conditions: within 7 days, less than 7 GB of bandwidth , log into less than 30 sessions, havn’t previously claimed a refund,not pay with Bitcoin or Paymentwall. I must say I hate those conditions, but it indeed is a good way to test their service yourself.

features in ivacy

So if you want to save money, protect your online identity and streaming, you can try and test ivacy VPN from $1.9 per month.

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