Network Privacy Protection Technology Becomes An Important Technology Which Will Affecting Future

In a science articles, the author list ten technologies that will affect the future, the list include 3D metal printing, sensing the city, Zero-emission natural gas power generation etc. But what interest me in the list is Network Privacy Protection Technology. Why that will influence our future? How to protect our privacy? Is internet privacy protection equal to VPN service?

Now, everyone pay more attention on internet privacy, more people and companies pay for VPN service or other security service. At the beginning of internet, people are fond of surfing freely just as streaking, that’s feel good, but now as internet developing, cybercrimes become more too. People realize that personal privacy is very important to themselves. Government need to protect people’s data to prohibit internet fraud, personal network information trafficking and other criminal activities.

For that requirement, network privacy protection technology and encryption techniques develop very fast.

various attacks with internet

December 29, 2007, Jiang yan, a female white-collar worker in Beijing, died from a 24-story building. In the following three months, Jiang Yan’s husband, Faye Wong, became a target of public criticism. People on internet disclosed the personal information of Faye Wong and his family members, including name, photo, address, identity card information, and workplace. Faye Wong continuously received intimidation emails and has been sieged, smashed, and threatened on the Internet,and he has been fired by the his company…

September 1, 2014, Naked photos of a large number of Hollywood actresses were published on the Internet. Including Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Dunst, supermodel Kate Upton, singer Rihanna and dozens of popular actresses. This has caused the reputation of many actresses to be damaged.

All of these are the tragedies caused by invasion of online privacy. So that’s why internet privacy protection is more important, why online privacy becomes a normal topic now, why government and people want to protect the network privacy, why VPN service is more and more popular.

what cybercrime do in the network

To protect our privacy, not only rely on government and technology companies, we still have more important responsibility. For example, we should install antivirus software on our PC to prevent Trojan attacks and information stealing; Don’t click strange links and don’t visit suspicious websites; And we need to encrypt our files and encrypt our online information with VPN service.

cybercrime top 20 countries

VPN is the best way to protect our online information. As privacy has been emphasized more. VPN service has got quickly developed. More person know about VPN service and more of them like to pay for VPN service. Another important reason that people choose VPN is that VPN service is easy to use, there is no more step to use it, as you login in your FaceBook’s account, input your account and password, then sign in, what you need to do next is select a server and click “Connect” button, all your traffic online from then on will be encrypted.

In fact, when you use VPN service, you just put your traffic to VPN service provider, you must trust your VPN service provider first, so you should cooperate with excellent VPN service providers. They will be sure to keep you anonymous online as they told you. From PCMAG and Google Play we list some popular and trusted VPN service here, everyone of them is superior VPN.

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