Overplay: one of the fastest vpn in the world

Overplay is one of the more innovative VPN providers in the market today. Overplay provides two different services to serve two different purposes,they are:


SmartDNS from OverPlay provides unlimited access to a true, unrestricted Internet,Bypass censorship while experiencing nothing but fast connection speeds without throttling or buffering.

SmartDNS works on PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Games Console and even Smart TV. SmartDNS does not require any VPN application and can only be used by making a few easy changes in the internet settings of your computer,on the other hand,if you want to use SmartDNS on your iphone,you still need the APP for it.

One crucial advantage SmartDNS has over VPN is the high speed. SmartDNS allows unblocking of restricted websites without any loss in speed.

However, SmartDNS is not designed to provide security and anonymity to the user.

Overplay VPN

Include SmartDNS, It allows access to all the restricted websites with complete encryption of data for secure and anonymous browsing. Moreover, Overplay VPN supports Skype and MSN as well.

Overplay VPN is good at high speed,maybe it due to the SmartDNS,but they’ve done it,we can streaming videos easily by Overplay.And the price of Overplay is reasonable,they often send some discount information, so you will take it more cheap.

Finally we highly recommend Overplay VPN.


Overplay VPN include Overplay SmartDNS whitch can makes your speed more quickly and stability,and they do not limit your speed,so you can experience a high-speed Internet connection without throttling by your ISP;Free software download; JetSwitch is a advanced technology, it allow you to get content from different regions at the same time.The customer support is very helpful,you can solve almost all your problem with it.


Only 2 Simultaneous Connection and Only 5 days money back guarantee.No DNS Leak protection.


Basic information

Based in United Kingdom
No. of countries 40
No. of servers 400
No. of IPs 10,000
Price $9.95/month


price of overplay


OverPlay owns servers positioned all over the globe to ensure that fast connection speeds can be achieved from anywhere, Their servers on nearly every major continent including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania, especially in US,UK and Australia,the number of servers up to 200,you can connect Overplay’s servers easily no matter where you are.

Overplay has divided their services into two main categories as the image above,so they have two kinds order for you,but in my opinion,I will not take time to think about it, decisively I will choose the VPN,because it is include the SmartDNS service,and it can hide your IP, secure your private data,keeps you more safe when you are in internet.

This is the discount coupons of Overplay,”Merry Christmas in July”, I must say they have rich imagination,but I like it,Do you?25% off mean no matter buy SmartDNS or VPN,you will get the discount,in that way you will pay $6.25 per month for VPN or pay $6.25 per month for just SmartDNS.

discount of overplay


Protocols OS & Devices APP




Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, or a custom router, SmartTV like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku,Xbox, PS(PS3 & PS4), Chromecast  and so on. Desktop Application,Android Application,iOS Application

OverPlay can be used in almost all devices,it has you and your data secure,you can enjoy unrestricted online browsing at home, using either your mobile device or through a shared public WiFi hotspot.


Logging policy: Zero traffic logs
Encryption strength: AES 256-bit
IP types: Shared IP (Static)

There is something need to expound,some people said the Encryption strength of Overplay is only 128-bit,I think they have not used Overplay VPN,in their desktop application,you will find a option titled “Choose Your Connection Preference”,you can switch between “Speed”, “Balanced”, and “Secure” from it,and what’s the difference between “Speed”, “Balanced”, and “Secure” is AES 256-bit or AES 128-bit.

With OverPlay VPN shield yourself from cybercrime by encrypting your connection,and OverPlay VPN prevents ISPs from spying on your online traffic and slowing your connection.Also OverPlay VPN keeps your IP address and location hidden from prying geo-trackers.

OverPlay helps users break free from online restrictions and censorship, putting full control of the online experience right in your hands!

software of overplay

Speed and Stability

I don’t want to talk more about the speed of Overplay,as you know,Overplay VPN contain Overplay SmartDNS,What does the SmartDNS for? Unfortunate, it is just for improving your visit speed,so compare to the other VPN,Overplay VPN has more advantage for the speed.

OverPlay is doing quite well in terms of industry standards,because in our test for “Balanced” encryption levels,the speed is above the average of top tier VPN providers, especially when we connect the servers in US or UK,the speed level is very high,maybe it’s due to server rerouting.

When we use the Overplay VPN ,we can streaming Netflix,BBC,Youtube,Hulu very easily,so I trust the technology of SmartDNS of Overplay.By the way, Overplay SmartDNS is awarded the best 5 SmartDNS.


Torrents and P2P Allow Yes Customer Support Support Ticket


24/7 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth YES Instant accout actistion YES
Unlimited Switch server YES Money back guarantee 5 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free trial No
Payment methods Visa, Mastercard , Discover and Paypal JetSwitch 2 Simultaneous Connections

Customer Support of Overplay is rich,you can get many setup instructions,and if you get some doub about the billing,you can get a clear understanding of it,and the support center contain more tips about VPN and SmartDNS and more.



This will allow you to get content from different regions at the same time. For example, you can watch US Netflix while also being able to access your UK Amazon Prime Video account. You can also turn off the OverPlay SmartDNS for an individual channel by selecting “SmartDNS Off” without having to change your routers setting.

Where is it?Only need two steps,You just login the overplay.net, head to the SmartDNS section of ‘My Account’,then you will see it.

smartdns of overplay


devices and os of overplay

software of overplay



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