PureVPN No Logs

Does PureVPN really provide us No Logs private policy? Why we ask this question suddenly? This is from GoldenFrog’s E-mail. Let’s see what’s all this about.

Some one named Ryan Lin who was accused of  Internet Crime has been investigated by FBI, but because his network Activity has been hidden or covered by PureVPN and Tor. Police can’t work now, then the police goto PureVPN and asked for help. Be attention, PureVPN showed all the data of Ryan Lin, so that FBI can find out the truth.

PureVPN is based in HongKong, and Hong Kong has no data retention laws forcing VPN providers to keep logs.Now let’s see what is the private policy of PureVPN:

private policy of purevpn

We Do Not monitor user activity nor do we keep any logs. We therefore have no record of your activities such as which software you used, which websites you visited, what content you downloaded, which apps you used, etc. after you connected to any of our servers. Our servers automatically record the time at which you connect to any of our servers. From here on forward, we do not keep any records of anything that could associate any specific activity to a specific user. The time when a successful connection is made with our servers is counted as a “connection” and the total bandwidth used during this connection is called “bandwidth”. Connection and bandwidth are kept in record to maintain the quality of our service. This helps us understand the flow of traffic to specific servers so we could optimize them better.

 OK, you can know the truth of PureVPN’s No Logs policy now. Though we are not Encourage crime, this event still reminds us that how important a trusted VPN, if you care about your privacy, you need be very careful when you choose a VPN service. We have published an article about anonymous VPN, we listed some VPN service in that article, but they were listed not because they are real anonymous but they are with relatively transparent logging and relatively high degree of trust.You can see PureVPN is not in that list.

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