The Solution Of BlackBerry VPN

The BlackBerry has been brilliant, include political leader Obama, international star Paris Hilton and so many other person. They all love the BlackBerry. The reason is that the BlackBerry is different and fashion. More important is that the BlackBerry is safe for their privacy as celebrity. The BlackBerry is known for its security, then why is it the safest phone?

In BlackBerry, data is sent out through the access point, and it is encrypted and compressed. The data through is mainly include BBM and various Emails.

BBM needs to rely on the PIN code of the mobile phone to decrypt. Becouse each mobile phone’s PIN code is different, only one BlackBerry can decrypt it. Even if they are intercepted by others, they will not know what is inside.

The mail needs to be encrypted by the mobile phone SMIME service before it is transmitted to the BlackBerry server. All data is decrypted and re-encrypted in the BlackBerry server. All data transmission is encrypted with AES-256 bit or 3DES. This encryption algorithm has never been successfully cracked in this world.

And as iPhone, the BlackBerry uses closed source development, not everyone can get the development code of the BlackBerry phone. so it is not prone to viruses, Trojans and other apps that endanger your information security.

The VPN service also encrypts the data transmitted by the mobile phone and the computer, and then transmits it. Many VPNs also use AES-256 bits for encryption to ensure data security. It can be said that in terms of security, the BlackBerry and VPN services have exactly the same goal, and they have a lot in common. In addition, because BlackBerry requires hardware PIN code, BlackBerry has an irreplaceable effect on VPN. But VPN services can ensure that all the information you have on the network is encrypted, which expands the scope of encrypted data.

So if we can use VPN on the BlackBerry, we can make up for each other and protect our network data and network privacy better. Fortunately, most VPN providers can provide IKEv2 VPN protocol. Now only this protocol can be recognized by BlackBerry (BB10’s own protocol is special, it is Cisco. The old BlackBerry system supports poor security PPTP) .

ikev2 of VPN service

With the help of the IKEv2 protocol from VPN service, we can not only encrypt the network data on our mobile phone, but also encrypt our communication data by BlackBerry’s own security hardware. At present, there are more VPN service providers that support IKEv2. Few of them are free VPN for BlackBerry (we still not recommend them), Some of them showing us better speed and security, here we list the how to setup a vpn page of those VPN service providers for BB:

NordVPN (You can try it 3 days for free, 77% discount if you subscibe 3 years):


HideMe:, After the actual test, we don’t think it’s good enough.

Ivacy VPN:

PureVPN(75% discount for 1 year):

Zoog VPN:

ProtonVPN:, They offer free account.


SuperVPN(Android VPN APP):


Before you subscribe a VPN service, you need talk to the support staff to ensure that the VPN is work for your device and for your region.

Both BlackBerry and VPN service providers are struggling for data security. Although the BlackBerry is no longer as brilliant as it used to be, its efforts in communications security are also worth to remember. VPN service have become very popular, and it will become one of the important technologies affecting the future.


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