The status of vpn in China

Why we talk about the status of vpn in China but not in US or UK? As everyone know the answer is GFW.

At present, a quarter of the Internet users use VPN in the world. While in China this figure can reach one-third, about 140 million people. This number is more than the total of other nine countries in the top ten. Their total number is only 66% of China.

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As other countries, the main reason for the Chinese people use VPN is for breaking GFW to browse some limited social networking sites, the proportion accounted for 58%. Followed by watching video and shopping (20%). In addition there are 11% of the Chinese users said “I just want to see news from around the world, not from the China”.

the reason use vpn in china

With the number of Chinese internet users is increasing in shopping, online games, browse social networking sites, more and more people in China will join to use vpn service.

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Like Facebook, YouTube has more than 100 million Chinese users. More than half of Chinese VPN users have been connected to these two sites. With the increase number, we can see there is a promising future for VPN in China. If you want to access Facebook, YouTube etc, I recommand you ExpressVPN or PureVPN.

As the Chinese government prohibits the use of vpn by law, bypass the GFW is becoming more and more difficult. Research has shown that Chinese network freedom in 2014 is just better  than Iran and Syria in all 65 countries. And in 2015 that ranks last. Now in 2017 ,chinese network control become more stringent, the freedom is become less.

By upgrading the Great Firewall Wall, that increases the demand for vpn services indirectly. The result is more people need vpn services in China. Vpn service in China will be more prosperous. More vpn service will come out, this is inevitable. If you have not used a vpn or you are considering to use vpn service, Why are you still hesitant? Take a look at Most effective vpn service providers for Chinese.

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