Ten Questions About Buying VPN Services

As VPN service providers become more and more, customers will also be confused by the dazzling introduction of various service providers in the process of purchasing VPN. Especially for those people who do not understand this industry, this is simply a torture, they do not know what they want, so a variety of sales means will disrupt their thinking, and then, there will be a lot of doubts about the VPN service in people’s minds. Today, some common questions are summed up, and the analysis is carried out for these questions, so as to hope to help everyone.

  1. Is there a need to purchase a VPN service?

Information disclosure is becoming more and more serious, the act of stealing network information is becoming more and more, at the same time, the network crime rate also shows an upward trend. Japanese are not even willing to pay in the store by using mobile phones and credit cards, while they are more willing to use cash transactions, the reason is that they are worried about that their personal information will be inadvertently leaked out.

With the popularity of mobile phones, tablet PCs and wireless networks, more people will connect to wireless WiFi in public places, this behavior is extremely dangerous for privacy protection. Although people can enjoy the wireless network free of charge, the personal information is exposed to all people who are connected to the same network.

  1. Will the VPN improve the speed of browsing the web and watching the video?

。Sometimes the VPN is also called as an accelerator. However, can it really speed up the network speed? When the VPN is protecting our privacy, it will encrypt our network data, but the encryption and decryption process will consume part of the network bandwidth and other resources. Therefore, it should be said that VPN is not to speed up the network, but to protect our network. However, for those networks that are blocked, VPNs can speed up their communication with users. So, from this point of view, VPN can indeed speed up the network speed. Some VPN services will allow people to download P2P, such as TorGuard specially designed for download, it can protect people’s Torrent from being stolen by others and organizations.

  1. Will the VPN service provider record the user information and use that information for other commercial purposes?

Many VPN service providers say that they provide zero record services and do not record any information about users. However, there has been an article has said that the real zero record is impossible to achieve. Furthermore, recording the necessary information of the users will help VPN providers optimize the speed and stability of the network, thus giving the users a better network experience.

The only thing that can be determined is that some VPN service providers will explicitly tell the users what information do they record? For example: HideMyAss explicitly tells the users that “we will collect some of the user’s data and submit it to the judiciary when needed.” However, some VPN providers are vague, and they do not want to clearly tell the users about their privacy policy. All the behaviors of users may be recorded by the VPN providers. Therefore, in purchasing VPN services, people must choose the large brands and trusted service providers.

  1. Does VPN really protect user privacy? Can VPN really allow users to browse anonymously?

VPN service will establish an encrypted channel between the client and the target server, this is equivalent to singly establish a network line between users and the network visited by users, then, users can connect directly to the network, while others are beyond the network. So VPN services can completely protect users’ privacy, the premise is that VPN providers themselves do not steal the customer’s information. CyberGhost has done very well on the customer privacy protection.

However, if the user’s network behavior has been the concerned by the government or other institutions, then they will certainly spend more resources to monitor the user’s network behavior. At this time, all the protection is redundant, and the user also does not hope to be able to browse the web anonymously, the only thing he can do is to do nothing. However, most people are special, generally, the government will not waste resources to monitor everyone, because the cost is too large, and the pay is not proportional to the harvest. Therefore, as an ordinary person, the user can browse the web in the Internet anonymously.

  1. Whether the promotional message of the VPN service provider is real and reliable?

As other industries’ propaganda, it is a business behavior for the VPN service providers to promote their products. VPN service providers will certainly show and properly exaggerate the excellent side of their products. However, for the side that they are not good at, they will certainly avoid talking about it. Therefore, users should not only see the propaganda parts of the service providers, the more is to ask them questions and found the part that they did not talk about, and then understand the real appearance of each VPN service providers.

  1. Whether VPN can really help users get out of the supervisory control of the government, schools, companies and other organizations?

The main role of VPN services is to connect and encrypt, it can not only help people connect to the restricted network, but also to encrypt people’s data, protect their privacy, including to protect the user’s network behavior from being monitored by other organizations.

  1. Is the VPN service suitable for users to play online games?

Many online games need to connect the relatively remote server. Due to the distance, even if the game is connected to the VPN, the game experience effect is not very good. In addition, some servers are restricted, so the user’s IP may not be able to successfully connect to the server. At this time, VPN services are required. On the one hand, VPN can connect to a remote server; on the other hand, it can help users connect to a limited server.

When playing a game, the connection to the VPN service must ensure the connection speed and stability. And it can be said that the speed and stability of VPN service selected for playing games are the best, otherwise, users will lose the fun of games. Different game servers have different requirements on VPN, and users can try ExpressVPN, PIA and PureVPN.

  1. In bypassing the system review, does the VPN service have any actual effect?

VPN services can bypass the censorship system well and choose unrestricted IP. As a result, users can bypass various censorship systems and connect to the network to which they want to connect. This kind of VPN service does not necessarily have the strongest encryption strength, but it must have the most IP address. For example: Netflix limits the VPN user’s account, but if the user changes the IP by the VPN, the user may also be considered as a non-VPN user. Not long ago, people were saying that ExpressVPN has been blocked by Netflix. But in fact, the blocked part is just part of the ExpressVPN IP address that Netflix knows.

  1. Whether VPN services can still be used in China?

In recent years, China has been crack down on VPN services, so VPN service providers must be put on file, and then they can carry out business. However, from the actual operation point of view, many VPN services can still run in China, only some of the quality of VPN services now is worse than before. For example: in the past, VyprVPN was very popular in China. However, under the pressure of the Chinese government, although VyprVPN is still able to run in China, its speed and stability now are worse than before. However, in foreign countries, it is also very good. Only ExpressVPN remains young in China. In addition, in August, NordVPN also announced to enter the Chinese market and open the Chinese model.

  1. Can we use VPN for some things that are not allowed by laws and then do not be found by laws?

VPN can protect people’s privacy, and protect people from being monitored by ISP and governments. However, the VPN server can be monitored by VPN providers, and this is the reason why we always recommend people to choose the dynamic IP. Dynamic IP can make people who track the user to be desperate. Take a look at how does StrongVPN do it, once the StrongVPN server connected has the sensitive information, then, StrongVPN will directly block all sensitive information within the VPN server, regardless of which user the sensitive information comes from. Such rules can protect both the privacy of normal users and prevent the occurrence of crime.

In the future, we will continue to find more questions about VPN services, and present them to everyone, so as to provide a reference for everyone to buy and use VPN.


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