The Best VPN App For Android

What’s the best VPN APP for android? As Android and VPN service both become more popular, There are much android vpn client in market, How to find out the best android vpn client? Now we are going to figure out the top vpn apps for android.

Why we need best vpn app for android?

Android is accepted by most people, and people put their private data in the Android Phone. Your E-bay account, Amazon account, Facebook are all attractive for Hackers , SmartPhone companies and government. To protect our privacy, you need a VPN running on our Android Phone.

In our Android Phone, your bank information, PayPal information, or other payment information, Your Android is just like a mine with rich mineral deposits. To protect your money, you need the best vpn app for android.

Your pictures in your Android Phone, your notes, your emails are the targets. Especially when you connect Public WiFi, all those data are exposed. Your naked pics may be forwarded on the internet wildly, your business email may be sold to your competitor.

What’s the best vpn app for android?

The most important of best vpn app for android is SECURITY. This is the real reason we pay money for a VPN service. Luckily, most VPN service provider know that, they protect our data with AES 128 or 256 bit. AES is considered the most secure cipher, there is no result for any brute force attack.

User Experience is the next factor we review a VPN client. User’ Experience is a very general term, it include the stability ,speed and usability. And some APPs will show your advertisement, some APPs ask your do much setting, some VPN clients for android are even not friendly with other APPs.

From our experience, some VPN service providers not very fast on Windows and Mac, but they have a very good performance, no matter on streaming or games.For example, we test VyprVPN on Windows in China, it’s slow, but when it run on Android, you can watch the videos on YouTube smoothly.

By the way, you can view others’ review on google play store, that’s very good for your decision.

Which is the best android vpn client?


Servers numbers:2228 servers in 59 countries

Maximum devices supported:6

Price: 36 months $2.75 /month

24 months $3.29/month

12 months $5.75/month

1 month $11.95 /month

Score on google play:

NordVPN app score

If you want to get 36 months plan or 24 months plan on NordVPN, you can click here, or else you can not get that page.


Servers numbers:700 servers in 64 countries, 200,000 IP addresses

Maximum devices supported:3 or 5

Price: 12 months $3.75/month

12 months premium $5.00/month

Score on google play:

VyprVPN app score

VyprVPN price

If you want to get discount you need click here, or else you can only get in to $6.67 per month page.


Servers numbers:1500 servers in 145 locations

Maximum devices supported:3

Price: 15 months $6.67 /month

6 months $9.99 /month

1 month $12.95 /month

Score on google play:

 ExpressVPN app score


Servers numbers:850 servers in 190 countries

Maximum devices supported:2

Price: 12 months $6.56/month

6 months $8.33/month

1 month $11.52 /month

Score on google play:

HideMyAss app score


Servers numbers:950 servers in 60 countries, 40,000+ shared IPs

Maximum devices supported:5

Price: 24 months $2.87/month

12 months $6.49/month

1 month $10.00 /month

Score on google play:

IPValish app score


Free VPN service, it’s popular in China to bypass the GFW. There is no need to have an account, you just need to download the APP, and install and one click to access servers. It’s very easily to use.

Lantern app score

Where can we get the top vpn apps for android?

To get the VPN APPs for android, you can goto Google play store or just goto VPN service providers’ official websites. But to get the account, you must goto VPN service providers’ official websites.

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