Top 10 great vpn service providers

Great vpn service providers are not as the best cheap VPN or top secure VPN, The “great” not just come from the price, the Encryption strength, the compatible devices or the supported protocols. great vpn service providers should be more consequential.

How to distinguish the great vpn service providers?

  • Company history
  • Location
  • Network
  • Client
  • Social evaluation

The list of top 10 great vpn service providers


For: Streaming, Game, P2P, Travel, Web-surfing

VyprVPN was launched in 2009 at Switzerland by the global services provider Golden Frog. What you can not image is that Golden Frog start the internet services business since 1994 when the public internet was budding.

There are more than 700 servers in 64 countries include Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan.They offer a wide range of protocols including OpenVPN (UDP), L2TP/IPsec, Chameleon, and PPTP. Chameleon keeps the connection from being blocked by countries like China. It is fast over long distance connections, and more secure.

VyprVPN client Chameleon protocol selection

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For: P2P, Web-surfing

TorGuard was launched in 2013, TorGuard’s HQ is located in the USA, with our parent company based in Nevis.You may ask why we select TorGuard as a great VPN. Read the next. TorGuard has 3000+ VPN Servers in 50+ Countries, and it is sure 100% Anonymous, they just make the firewall rules on servers, but not on you, so they absolutely don’t know who you really are. You can get 5 Simultaneous connections, but you can pay more $1 for a more simultaneous connection.

Now there is a coupons code you can get 50% discount with it in Torguard(TGLIFETIME50).

Torguard client windows

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Private Internet Access

For: Streaming, Game, Business, Web-surfing

PIA was launched in August 2009 as VyprVPN at USA by London Trust Media, Inc which has gained incredible insights into the interpretations of marketing firms, advertising firms, companies and more..

As we select the TorGuard, Private Internet Access offer access to a worldwide VPN network that consists of over 3193 servers in 36 locations across 24 countries at a very competitive price($3.33/mon).

The client of PIA include IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, port forwarding, granular encryption control, and even an Internet kill switch.

The features of Private Internet Access for Window

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For: Streaming, Game, Business, P2P, Travel, Web-surfing

ExpressVPN has starting the VPN service since 2009. They are located in the British Virgin Islands where they are not influenced by the NSA, GCHQ, or the data retention directives found in other countries.

In their network there are 1500+ server in 145 cities in 94 countries across the world. They offer 30 days money back guarantee and 5 simultaneous connections. The client includes a speed test with values including a speed index, ping, and download speed. You can select servers not just from the latency as VyprVPN.

expressvpn client speed test

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For: Streaming, Game, Business, P2P, Travel, Web-surfing

NordVPN  has began offering VPN service in 2012 and based in Panama by an Internet security company Tefinkom co S.A which was started in 2008. There is no data retention directives in Panama, so NordVPN can maintain real “No-logpolicy.

The NordVPN network consists of about 1000 servers include “Double VPN servers”,“Onion over VPN servers”, “Anti DDoS servers”, “Ultra-fast TV servers”,“Dedicated IP serversand “Standard VPN servers” in 59 different countries across the world. Well, they offer 6 simultaneous connections, this is the Maximum number of simultaneous connections I have ever seen.

The fearuers in client of NordVPN is include VPN kill switch , DNS leak protection. As you can see in the picture, Windows client will let you select a server based on your purpose for using a VPN.

Now sign up the NordVPN for 2 years, you can get 77% discount, only $2.95per month.

nordvpn client feature

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Strong VPN

For: Streaming, Business, P2P, Web-surfing

StrongVPN started the VPN service for about 11 years, it is based in San Francisco at 2005. It is a real old-brand of VPNs. That’s why you can see it here. The group of strongVPN has been worked together for 12 years, they know what is the customers real need, they makes their clients easy to use in Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices. And they can provide you very good support.

Well, in their experience of VPN service provide, they placed their 600+ servers in 45 cities across 24 different countries strategically. From 2017 they offered free StrongDNS in every subscriptions of VPN.

Now this link is a coupons that you can get 50% discount for every subscriptions in strongVPN.


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Hide My Ass

For: Streaming, Game, Business, P2P, Web-surfing

one of the largest VPN providers, Hide My Ass has been starting VPN service since 2005. It is based in England. The reason to start VPN service was that they just want bypass restrictions of school, but from 2015, HMA is belong to online security giant AVG Technologies.

Currently HMA has over 940 VPN servers in 350+ locations and over 120000 IP addresses. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and P2P allowed. The very good point is the client of HMA, you can even access Netflix with it, and the videos and shows will be smooth too.

Now Hide My Ass offer summer coupons, you can get 57% discount with one year subscription.

HideMAss client setting



For: Streaming, P2P, Travel, Web-surfing

CyberGhost is based in Romanian,Now CyberGhost has 700+ servers in 30 countries, that include some No Spy servers. No Spy servers will list in the client, that’s very good , I think that’s why CyberGhost tells us that they can help us anonymously surf the internet. CyberGhost offer free account for you to test them.

CyberGhost Premium Plus NoSpy for 7 years has already active, only need €248, and CyberGhost Summer Sales is from 30 June to 31 July, you can get 57% discount with any subscriptions.

CyberGhost client setting

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For: Streaming, P2P, Travel, Web-surfing

AirVPN was started in 2010 at Italian by some activists, hacktivists, hackers. it is come from a small project about online freedom and privacy. As far as we know, AirVPN is the only VPN in the world which transparently let anyone access a servers monitor on the www. So even it is a tiny VPN service provider, we think they just make a small miracle.

They place 210 servers in 18 countries on three different continents, there is no maximum speed limit, and the Minimum allocated granted bandwidth: 4 Mbit/s download + 4 Mbit/s upload. There are much features in AirVPN because the structure of it’s group. You only has 3 days money back, but the client is good enough to streaming on Netflix; not so much servers but you can sure your data is safe.

AirVPN offer a special plan: €1/3 days

setting software of airvpn



For: Streaming, Game, Business, P2P, Web-surfing

PureVPN was born in 2006 at Hong Kong by GZ Systems Ltd. They do experimenting with VPN to help guard against throttling of bandwidth by ISPs of users who stream media or play online games.

The number of their servers is over 750 servers in 180 locations through 141 countries now. And there are 88000 IP addresses available for their subscribers. They have developed custom software for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. 5 Multi logins, p2p, 30 days money back are all allowed. There are some add-on like NAT Firewall, DDoS Protection, Dedicated IP you can choose. They still offer business VPN, as you know it’s useful and secure for your employee.

Buy 2 years for just $2.95 per month now.


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