TorGuard Coupons Codes, 50% Off in all subscriptions

For all subscriptions of TorGuard

Here are the TorGuard coupons codes, with these codes, you can get 50% discount in all subscriptions of TorGuard. What’s more, no matter you buy TorGuard VPN, TorGuard Proxy, TorGuard Email or even Privacy bundle, you can get 50% discount with these codes even you just buy one month. But all these not for Business VPN of TorGuard.

yearly plan of torguard in coupons

Yearly plan with 50% discount

monthly plan of torguard in coupons

Monthly plan with 50% discount

5 simultaneous-use: 5 devices connections

TorGuard offer us 5 simultaneous-use By default, that means you can access TorGuard with 5 devices at the same time. If you want to add more than 5 simultaneous-use, you can add additional numbers $1.00 for one more simultaneous-use, it’s very cheap, and with coupons codes, you actually only pay $0.50 for one. It means if you want to get 6 simultaneous-use, you only need pay more $0.50.

And please pay attention here, what we tell you is that TorGuard allow 5 devices connections at the same time with one account, but not 5 different devices connections. That allow you access TorGuard with 2 PC, or 3 Mac. It ‘s different with other VPNs, other VPNs allow 5 or 6 simultaneous connections mean you can use their VPN on 5 or 6 different devices with 1 account.

This table is about the price after discount on TorGuard.

1 month $4.99 $2.98 $3.48 $5.77
3 months $9.99 $7.48 $7.98 $10.49
6 months $14.99 $14.98 $14.99
12 months $29.99 $23.48 $24.99 $32.00
2 years $59.99

We can compare this with discount of NordVPN and PureVPN, NordVPN offer 72% discount for 2 years subscription and PureVPN offer 73% discount for 2 years subscription, what limit us is that they only offer discount to 2 years subscription. But TorGuard not do that, they offer 50% discount in all subscriptions.

After discount with 2 years subscription, you need pay $3.28 per month in NordVPN, and in PureVPN you should pay $2.95, but in TorGuard, you just need $2.5 per month.

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50% coupons code: TGLifetime50

50% coupons code:TGLIFETIME50

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