The ultimate guide to the season 8 of the Game of Thrones (the final season)

The Game of Thrones comes from the fantasy novel “The Song of Ice and Fire” by American writer George R.R. Martin, produced by HBO of the United States.

From 2012 to 2016, “Game of Thrones” was the most downloaded TV series in the world. The total number of pirated copies was 14.4 million, and the number was more than that of “The Walking Dead” and ” The Big Bang “.

A total of 20.24 million users on Facebook paid attention to the official account of “Game of Thrones”.

On Twitter, the official account of “Game of Thrones” has 5.75 million fans. On Instagram, the official account of “Game of Thrones” has 3.26 million fans, and the number of posts with the “Game of Thrones” tag is close to 6 million.

On the famous forum Reddit, users who pay attention to the “Game of Thrones” section are even more than concerned about the NFL, “Star Wars” and Marvel.

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As the season 8 of the Game of Thrones start, everyone is more concerned about the  season 8 of how to watch the Game of Thrones. If you are in the United States, then you will not worry, because you can subscribe directly to HBO, what about friends in other countries?

Which countries can watch the  season 8 of “The Game of Thrones”, and how to watch?

In fact, HBO provides Game of Thrones in more than 170 different regions, but not all channels update new episodes in time, so you need to check out this list of international HBO channels HBO_(international), find out the “Game of Thrones” in your country.

HBO channel

In the United States: HBO is the only platform to broadcast the show in the United States. You can sign up for HBO NOW, HBO NOW offers a 7-day free trial, and then you will need to spend $14.99 a month.

In addition, by signing up DirecTV, you can get free access to HBO for 7 days more on DirecTV, and then the HBO plugin will be available for $5 instead of full price. Sign up for Hulu and you can get a 7-day free trial for HBO on Hulu, and the full price is $14.99 per month. Sign up for PlayStation Vue and HBO will offer a 7-day free trial. Register for AT&T WatchTV and HBO will also offer a 7-day free trial. Unfortunately, in Amazon Prime, you need to pay $15 to watch HBO shows without free trial; in Netflix, HBO doesn’t offer GOT.

If you don’t think it’s cumbersome, you can take turns to subscribe these services to watch “Game of Thrones” season 8 free of charge.

In the UK: You can watch the GOT on Sky Atlantic or NowTV. UK residents will receive a 7-day free trial of Now TV, and Irish residents will receive a free 14-day trial of Now TV. Sky TV is £7.99 a month in the UK and €15.00 a month in Ireland. For 3 months of Now TV, the UK is £17.99 (25% discount) and Ireland is €20 (more than 50% discount).

In Canada: You can watch “Game of Thrones” on CraveTV. Crave also has every episode of “Game of Thrones.” The price of Crave’s is $20 a month.

In Australia: You can watch “Game of Thrones” from Foxtel, sign up for Foxtel, you have a 10-day free trial, and then you will pay $25 a month.

In France: You only can watch “Game of Thrones”with OCS, OCS requires you to spend £9.99 a month, and offer a two-week free trial, and OCS will display French subtitles.

In Spain: The game of rights will be available at HBEPspaña. This service includes a one-month free trial, the full price of HBEPspaña a monthly is 7.99 euros.

In New Zealand: You can upgrade your package to the SOHO program, but the price will be $24.91 per month and there is no free trial.

In India: Just log in to Hotstar and sign up for a premium account. This will cost you $3 a month or $14 a year. This is very a cheap price solution out of free trial.

In the UAE: Wavo is the best way to watch the GOT, you only have to pay $2.99 per month.

In China: You can subscribe to Tencent VIP and watch the latest episode of GOT. It only costs 20 RMB per month, which is the cheapest price even than India and UAE.

Some of the above services are regionally restricted, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, and Canada. If you want to use the above services in these countries, first you have to ensure that your IP address is in these countries, then maybe you need to use the VPN service.

What are VPN services based in US?




Strong VPN


Private Internet Access

What are VPN services based in UK?



Hide My Ass

What are VPN services based in India?


What are the VPN services with a large number of servers?



Private Internet Access

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What are the free trial VPN services?

NordVPN: 7 days free trial,30 days money-back guarantee

ProtonVPN: 7 day trial which is equal to ProtonVPN Plus subscription plan,30 days money-back guarantee

SurfsharkVPN:No free trial,30 days money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN: No free trial,30 days money-back guarantee

PIA: No free trial,7 days money-back guarantee

Torguard: No free trial,7 days money-back guarantee

HideMyAss:7 days and 30 days free trial

GooseVPN : 30 days free trial

VyperVPN : 3 days free trial

CyberGhost : 1 day for desktop and 7 days for mobile free trial

SaferVPN: 24 hours free trial

CactusVPN : 24 hours free trial

SmartyDNS : 3 days free trial

Avast SecureLine VPN: 7 days free trial

AVG Secure VPN: 30 days free trial

VPNHub:7 days free trial

All of these VPN services can help you watch the “Game of Thrones”. You can visit the website of these VPN services to see where the server is located.

The broadcast time and time duration of each episode of Game of Thrones season 8(US time):

Episode 1: 54 minutes, broadcast on April 14;

Episode 2: 58 minutes, broadcast on April 21;

Episode 3: 82 minutes, broadcast on April 28;

Episode 4: 78 minutes, broadcast on May 5;

Episode 5: 80 minutes, broadcast on May 12;

Episode 6: 80 minutes, aired on May 19.

We don’t introduce the story of GOT season 8 here.

Have fun.

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