VPN is one of the must-have items for foreigners to travel to China

Chinese culture has a long history. In this open time, more people pay attention on China, and more people goto China for traveling, Cause Chinese history, culture, views. However, political and cultural differences have made VPN to become one of the must-have items for foreigners traveling to China.

3d map of china

The reason is simple. GFW in China has locked many foreign websites, so you can not browse some web like google, FaceBook and so on. This makes foreigners feeling confused, just like you forget to take your smartphone when you go to work. So we can see that when you travel in China, you must need VPN service. As a matter of fact, it’s same to travel to Russia.

Great Chinese Firewall of China

However, not all VPN services can be used in China. In March 2018, China will block VPN services completely. Only some VPN service providers which put on records in China can provide VPN services in China, those VPN services are very expensive too.

At present, VPN service providers still usable in mainland China are:

ExpressVPN(3 months free): Go to ExpressVPN

NordVPN(77% discount now): Go to NordVPN

VyprVPN(25% discount now):  Go to VyprVPN

PureVPN(73% discount now):  Go to PureVPN

Among them, connection speed and stability of both of ExpressVPN and NordVPN are much better, and the other two VPN services, you can browse the news, FB, Emails on your PC and Mac. In addition, there may be some other VPN services effective in China, but not in the list, you guys can Email to me and I will add it in the list.

VPN service providers still usable in mainland China

In addition, some people have also summed up the necessary items for foreigners to travel to China, such as instant noodles, maps or navigation in China, SIM traffic cards, toilet paper, sunscreen, and so on. Some may be funny, but some may really necessary. In fact, there are many convenient and advantageous point for traveling in China. For example, Alipay and WeChat allow you to go out without money,Uber China, bicycle-sharing, car-sharing etc . Of course, the best is the beautiful scenic spot and rich cultural history.

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