VPN Proxy Master Is An Another Free VPN Service For Android And iOS

Rcently,vpn proxy master becomes more and more popular in both Android and iOS, even it has appeared extensions of VPN proxy master for chrome.

vpn proxy master in Chrome

vpn proxy master for Chrome

Why all these happen?

vpn proxy master is an another free VPN service for Android and iOS. In google play, vpn proxy master has got 4.7 high review score. Ex-Google, International tech speaker Ariel Hochstadt also like this app and he show 4.0 to vpn proxy master.

vpn proxy master in google store

vpn proxy master in google store

vpn proxy master told us they are the fastest VPN service in the world. Its headquarters is located in Guangzhou, China, but don’t be scared, their servers are put in the British Virgin Islands(As ExpressVPN)where the law doesn’t ask keeping logs of users.

VPN proxy master offer free and paid service.The most attractive is ofcourse the free service which offers you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic and unlimited time.More of that is you don’t need any account for using it.

They also provide free APP for you Android and iOS devices, you can download the APP in http://www.vpnmaster.co/ or Google play or some other App stores.

vpn proxy master is first

vpn proxy master is first

Let me tell you more about the free VPN service.

There are 8 servers for free VPN service user: Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States (San Francisco), Germany, United States (New York), India. Though the speed of them are not fast as vpn proxy master told us, the user experience is not bad, at least you can visit Youtube.com.

There are more 5 servers for paid users, they are in Japan, France, Australia and two in U.S. You can get more speed in paid servers, and there is no more annoying advertisements in APP.

The price of paid service is $11.99 per month, it’s a little expensive, but you can save 75% money if you subscribe a year.That’s a so great discount.

About logging records of vpn proxy master: “The VPN Master network is a no-log network.

Except for the limited exceptions below, we do not collect any information transmitted through our network.”

You can see, they recors some logging, for more about it you can visit http://d32z5ni8t5127x.cloudfront.net/privacy_policy.html.

Free programs always have a variety of obstacles, like much advertisements, almost no customer support.

But this App is clear and simple. There is no more setting, the OpenVPN protocols is in it, you don’t need to set it more, and no more options of data encryption for you. What you can do with this APP is server selection and connect button. It’s so easy to use.

Test vpn proxy on Android (2)

Test vpn proxy on Android 1

Besides, you may find that there is another APP looks like vpn proxy master in Logo and name when you search in google play. Its name is vpn master. Actually, both of them are provided by VPN Proxy Master, both of them are free download and free use.

For Chinese:

Much people in China said that VPN Proxy Master can not working in China. I must tell you that you are wrong, the problem is not from this APP, but from yourselves, you didn’t find the right way.

Once you have chenged the Language of your smartphone to Enlish, then connect the server of VPN Proxy Master, then you can enjoy the free VPN service from VPN Proxy Master in China. I think it’s a easy method.

Test vpn proxy on Android (1)

Test vpn proxy on Android 2

Test vpn proxy on Android (1)

Test vpn proxy on Android 3

Test vpn proxy on Android (1)

Test vpn proxy on Android 4

At last, I show you some other free VPN srvice for your Android and iOS devices. Although I have always disagreed with free stuff, some other people like them. You can try them one by one, compared and select.



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