VPN Router- A Great Solution For You

VPN Router is the great solution for more devices secured and your Small business. Selecting a router is the absolute trickiest part, so does VPN selection. Note that you must purchase the VPN service separately from the router, you need both VPN router and VPN account.

VPN Router Brand: Netgear, Asus, Linksys

VPN Router classification by VPN firmware: DD-WRT, Tomato, Wireless-AC

Two type of VPN router for our selection

Preloaded VPN Routers

Preloaded Routers also called A Pre-Configured Router. This is the easiest way to get a VPN Router running because VPN routers are typically complicated and difficult for a tech novice to set up. With Preloaded Routers you can work flow into only 3 simple steps: username, password, and IP address. For example, if your VPN router is configurated with ExpressVPN, then you can use it with only ExpressVPN’s account, password and IP address. Yes, only with ExpressVPN, so  you need try VPN accounts on your computer before purchasing any VPN router and make sure you have adequate internet speeds for your VPN router.

how does vpn router work

DIY VPN Routers

DIY Routers is completely different from Preloaded Routers.You need configure your VPN Router yourself, and Flashing and replacing the factory firmware with OpenSource firmware can cause your router to be ruined and non functional, we called it “bricked”. So we don’t recommend this for you. If you like it , we advise you do more work before you do it, here are some Setup Tutorial of DIY VPN Router you can get.

We recommend Preloaded VPN Routers


The great advantage of ExpressVPN is that they offer the APP for VPN Router, most of other VPN service providers don’t offer that for you. With this APP, you can Logging on, changing locations, or switching preferences.

The ExpressVPN’s app for routers delivers VPN speeds up to 30 Mbps, it is designed to offer more protection against DNS and IP leaks, ensuring your network traffic is always secured.

If your connection drops unexpectedly, the ExpressVPN app for routers will automatically reconnect you to the location you were using. And ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can find ExpressVPN-Router in VPN APPS from top menu of their official website.

app for vpn router from expressvpn

 vpn router price with expressvpn

Get Preloaded ExpressVPN Router


In the Internet of Things, everything from your “smart” kitchen appliances to your internet-enabled car are vulnerable to cyber crime. As soon as StrongVPN is enabled, it will encrypt any type of device , Include your Apple TV, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Roku, Boxee, and many more.

With a StrongVPN router, you’ll encrypt every internet-enabled device in your home from one account. More than ExpressVPN, you can get 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

There are nine preloaded VPN routers with StrongVPN on their official website.

  • Asus RT-AC56R: $239.99
  • Netgear Nighthawk R7000: $349.99
  • NETGEAR WNR3500L: $139.99
  • ASUS RT-N66U: $219.99
  • ASUS RT-N12: $129.99
  • NETGEAR R6400: $279.99
  • ASUS RT-AC66U: $299.99
  • ASUS RT-AC3200: $479.99
  • NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK X6 R8000: $499.99

If you are interesting in DIY VPN Router, StrongVPN offer you very detailed Setup Tutorial too.You can set up StrongVPN on other VPN routers with it.

Get Preloaded StrongVPN Router


NordVPN is available on 6 Devices under one account. But if you want to more devices connect with one account, For all your home devices like Smart TV and Boxee, for your small business, for your subsidiary corporation and branch office, the VPN Router must be the great solution for that.

Now, NordVPN show us 77% discount on their VPN service, you can only pay $79 for two years, I think it is fit to a team like family member and small business if you set it up on VPN routers.

vpn router price with nordvpn

Get Preloaded NordVPN Router

There are still many other VPN service can offer you VPN Router and the Setup Tutorial. But be attention, as I said at the start of the article, try VPN accounts on your computer before purchasing any VPN router and make sure you have adequate Internet speeds for your VPN router.

vpn router price in hidemyass

Get Preloaded HideMyAss Router

vpn router in buffered vpn

Get Preloaded Buffered VPN Router

vpn router price in ipvanish

Get Preloaded IPVanish Router

At last, if you’d prefer to configure a router with a VPN yourself, there are some good VPN Router you can buy and configure it. You can just go to flashrouters or sabaitechnology to find Preloaded VPN Routers and DIY VPN Routers.

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