VPN Tricks: Some Misunderstanding Of VPN

As more and more people have used  vpn service, we think people need to know some vpn tricks. Today we talk about Some Misunderstanding Of VPN. That will make you know VPN more clearly. There are some wrong point of view below:

VPN Tricks

wrong symbolInternet speed will become faster than not access VPN.

The speed of the internet is complicated. There are many factors that will affect it, like your ISP, VPN server’s bandwidth,the traffic situation and so on. For example, when you not access VPN server, you can not visit Facebook, after you access VPN server, you can visit FB now, Does not that mean your speed has increased from 0 to about 5k/s or 10k/s.

wrong symbolIf VPN service provider offer me 5G traffic,then I have no necessary buy traffic from Operator.

The prerequisite for using vpn is that your PC or iPhone can access the internet. So we know that, you must get the traffic from your operator, and access the internet, and then you can access the VPN server.

5G traffic from VPN service provider means when you access the VPN server, you have 5G traffic through the VPN server

wrong symbolThe lower the Ping means faster speed.

Ping and speed can not be equated. If you are a gamer, you must know the Ping is the reflection of network delay, the Ping is low means that the reaction is fast, that would be good for a game. But the speed is main decided by bandwidth.

For example, if the Ping is 50 ms, you can play game online, that must be good experience, but if  you just have little bandwidth, then you even can not watch the videos.

wrong symbolPPTP is the fastest VPN protocol in speed.

This is the same as above,  PPTP is just affect the connection speed,but not internet speed.

wrong symbolAs a third-party service company,My privacy is easy to be revealed by VPN service provider.

Some people believe in government, they think the government will protect their privacy, but fact is the opposite. As a third-party service provider, they have policy about the customer log, most providers promise zero-log. But can you believe them? That’s a so big problem. What this mean you need choose a credible VPN service provider.

According to my experience, and after review some VPN, I can show you some credible VPN.

pure vpn review from vpnif.com

PureVPN is a famous VPN service provider which I often use. It is based in Hong Kong, the law can allow PureVPN not record customer’s data. And their huge network is very convenient. Price is good too.

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Hide My Ass is a world VPN. In most top VPN lists,you can always see Hide My Ass. They have powerful server for you, and you can access their server with all your devices. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee means that you can test it first.

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buffered vpn icon from vpnif

Buffered VPN is a new VPN service provider,but it is growing very fast. From 2014 to now,they increase their servers to 33 countries. they offer 30 days Moneyback Guarantee and 5 Simultaneous Connection;The IP leak protection and DNS leak protection works well.

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