VPN4ALL Review: real anonymous and safe vpn

VPN4ALL is one of the best VPN service provider for the speed, reliability,security. With VPN4ALL all your Internet traffic is secure and anonymous,you can work and play, stream videos and share files, browse and download, make calls and chat, do online shopping and banking.

They have strong VPN servers even they got anonymous servers which is not outward,so you should not worry about your private data,and do not log any of your information.

By the wonderful servers and secure DNS,you can stream videos or download without interruption,it is one of the fastest VPN I have seen.

And it provide an Extra Protection,the At-the-Server Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware,it will improve your data’s safety,but this will extra pay.

In all,I think VPN4ALL is a very good VPN in all respects,I recommend you try it,you will love it at all.By the way,the VPN4ALL give you 30 day money back guarantee.


Anonymous servers have not been disclosed, Bring your friends to VPN4ALL. They will get 20% off, and you’ll get a credit equal to 1 month of the plan they choose.Strong as a Business VPN; Smart Traffic Routing; Secure DNS;Firewall; flexible plans;Easy-to-use client; 30 day money back guarantee.


Live chat is looks like useless.


Basic about VPN4ALL

Based in Seychelles
No. of countries 50
No. of servers 500+
No. of IPs 10000+
Price $7.00/month(Annually, 50 GB regular user)

$11.83/month(Annually, Unlim movie junky)

$4.08/month(Annually, Mobile on the go,only 5G per month)

There are 80 VPN Server Locations in 50 countries and 10000+ static shared IPs, With their smart traffic routing you can change your local IP address to 10000+ IP addresses in over 50 countries (80+ cities) worldwide easy and free.

The offshore servers means , there are no laws that oblige them to keep logs on their customers ,it give you more security guarantee and gives you No-logs promise.

Not all their server offer P2P,Only some servers can do it ,you can see it in the client,we will review this at the end of this article.

servers of vpn4all

What’s more,they provide fixed IP with each Account,that will very helpful for securing your online shopping and banking while not getting blocked by PayPal, your Bank or your Credit Card merchant.

price of vpn4all

About the plan,VPN4ALL provide three package:50GB per month;Unlimit movie junky and Mobile.

You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual terms with all three package,so there comes many combinations as the pictures below, Choose a 3-months, 6-months or a 12-months billing cycle and save as much as $61.40 per year on your VPN usage! You can Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your VPN account any time.


Unlimit movie junky

Unlimit movie junky

Mobile on the go

Mobile on the go

50GB regular user

50GB regular user

VPN4ALL still give you some Combo plan for both PC and mobile can get service of VPN4ALL:

VPN4ALL 50 + VPN4ALL Mobile Combo Deal 12 Months $101.00

VPN4ALL Unlimited + VPN4ALL Mobile Combo Deal 12 Months $157.00


Protocols OS & Devices APP





Windows, Mac, Android, iOS,SmartTV, Blackberry,Linux Windows Application,

Android Application,

iOS Application,

Blackberry Application

Each package has different OS&Devices supports,you can see them in the price page,Both 50GB and Unlimit movie junky have the same configuration in Protocols and compatibility,they two all can work on Windows, Mac and Linux,and you can choose OpenVPN or SSTP in the two package. Different from the two package,Mobile package has only support Android, iOS,windows surface and blackberry,the protocols include PPTP,IPSec and IKEv2,and Mobile package offer AES 128 bit encryption strength,it is weak than the other two package.


Logging policy: No caching, No logging Firewall: Cisco Firewall
Encryption strength: AES 256 bit antimalware software: Yes
IP types: Shared IP (Static)

Dedicated IP

Secure DNS:


VPN4ALL offer Dedicated IP and the Encryption strength is 256 bit,this make our journey of surf very safe,and Dedicated IP is free for each account,it do not need pay more,AES 256 bit is the largest key size available today as strong as the bank system encryption and Military-Grade encryption, Every time a user connects with VPN4ALL, 2048 bits of random numbers are converted into a unique pair of keys for each user and for each session — one private key and one public key. They boast a ‘state-of-the-art Tier 3 secure global server network’ capable of providing virtual access to over 25 national domains.

Although VPN4ALL has VPN servers throughout the world that are made available to VPN4ALL users, certain servers on secure VPN network are anonymous and they do not disclose the location of those servers as this would present tactical information to those who may wish to compromise their network in some way.

Seychelles has no laws that oblige VPN provider to keep logs on their customers,so VPN4ALL can promise you they don’t log and they don’t cache your personal data other than the email address you provide at sign-up.

Secure DNS is an amazing technology for secure the traffic data, When you type a domain name, the conversion to an IP address now goes through Secure DNS instead. Secure DNS is the first IPv6-ready recursive DNS service in the world, which also helps us to prepare for the coming global migration from IPv4 to IPv6.

At VPN4ALL they are proud to be ready to offer exactly the same level of online confidentiality and security for both IPv4 and IPv6. the dual IPv6-IPv4 version of VPN4ALL is offered as a beta in Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions only.


To improve speed, reliability and security of DNS lookups to our customers, we have switched to Secure DNS.

Most of our secure & anonymous VPN servers are residing on Tier-1 even Tier-3 networks with dedicated 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ports for a low latency VPN experience. Our data compression technology can even help you speed up a slower connection.

With our Smart Traffic Routing, download and stream without interruption. Choose between 50Gb monthly and Unlimited Bandwidth VPN Plans.


Wether secure or anonymous VPN servers ,they don’t use VPS hosting. They work hard to ensure that only the highest quality dedicated servers in secured data centers with plenty of Ram, very fast processors and where possible dedicated 1Gbps ports make it on their network.


VPN4ALL supports both TCP and UDP connections through several ports on their server network, So you do not worry about that your network administrator is blocking UDP in order to prevent encrypted traffic.


Torrents and P2P Allow: Yes Customer Support: Support Ticket


Live Chat

24/7/365 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth: It depend on what package you pay for. Instant accout activation: YES
Unlimited Switch server and IP: YES
E-mail: Simply enter the SMTP address from your ISP or your email provider into the corresponding field in your VPN4ALL software, and allow your email client software to connect Free trial: No
Payment methods  Unlimit Simultaneous Connection 99.999% Uptime  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee with up to 100 MB of usage on all plans.

payment metord of vpn4all

Smart Traffic Routing

Worried about laws in jurisdictions your online data might be passing through on the way to its final destination? With Smart Traffic Routing on all the servers marked “P2P” (in yellow) in the server list in your VPN4ALL VPN Software, it take that worry off your shoulders.

Secure DNS

Secure DNS is a popular third-party Domain Names System security and infrastructure services provider that makes the Internet safer through integrated DNS and anti-phishing defense.Secure DNS blocks access to these sites when a user tries to access them.


Antimalware software

Antimalware software include At-the-Server Anti-Virus, At-the-Server Anti-Phishing, At-the-Server Anti-Malware,this will Stop malware even before it reaches your PC, Mac or mobile device.The price of all of these is just $2.49 per month.

An average home antivirus is only effective against 85% of malware attacks. With VPN4ALL at-the-server Extra Protection, far fewer malware gets through to your PC, Mac or mobile device, which results in nearly 100% anti-malware protection.

Antimalware software of vpn4all

Ensure your IP has changed

Client of VPN4ALL will show your local IP from ISP and new IP from VPN4ALL.

Software of vpn4all01

You can also verify that your IP address has indeed changed to our secure anonymous IP address by visiting the page secure.vpn4all.com/whatismyipaddress/.


Software of vpn4all02

The software is small and very easy to use,but you can do much more things by it,you can timed auto IP change,if necessary,you can do much advanced like Add a Proxy, Port Forwarding,even you can use your e-mail client by it.

Software of vpn4all03


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