What is a VPN Server

There must be a lot of people asking what is the VPN service, I believe you have found the answer. But here we are talking about the VPN server. What is the VPN server? They are an important infrastructure for VPN services. Because of their presence, there are VPN services. But the VPN server does not have any relationship with 30-day money-back guarantee, free trial, online customer, etc, all those only have a very close relationship with your direct experience when you are using VPN services.

When we are looking for a VPN service, we will be confused by the dazzling words and services. Such as protocol, compatibility, encryption strength, IP type, P2P, number of servers, refund policy, and so on. Indeed, these are the issues that we need to take into account when choosing a VPN service. But the VPN service provide us with the core interests, is speed, stability, security, these aspects. And it’s the VPN server that determines these.

First, what is a VPN server?

A VPN server is a type of server that enables hosting and delivery of VPN services. It is a combination of VPN hardware and software technologies that provides VPN clients with connectivity to a secure and private network.

VPN server hardware

VPN server hardware configuration determines how many users can be used by him, determines the network transmission rate. More importantly, a good VPN server can provide a stable non-stop VPN services, to ensure that almost 100% of the online rate, so you can always connect to the server. Many VPN providers will tell you that they do not restrict network traffic, do not limit network bandwidth, and do not limit network speed when selling VPNs. However, only a good VPN server to ensure that many people log in the case, the CPU resources will not run out, the memory space will not be enough, cache enough to deal with, the transmission effect will not be greatly reduced, hard disk read and write will not be slow.

VPN server software

At the same time, as I said above, VPN server in addition to the hardware on the perfect, as well as the software with, in order to become a good VPN server. A VPN server is a typical server installed and configured with VPN server software. Different VPN providers will use different VPN server software. The strength of the VPN providers will develop their own more excellent VPN server software. The operation of the software also directly affect the server running speed and stability. More importantly, it also directly determines the encryption of our data. We encrypt the data encryption and decryption completely dependent on the software, and software algorithms determine the speed and reliability of our data encryption and decryption.For example, VyprVPN launched the chameleon protocol is based on VyprVPN own software development, with their own encryption algorithm to encrypt the network data. It not only data encryption effect is good, but also can provide faster network access speed.

Number and quality of VPN servers

It is easy to confuse us that the number of VPN servers and VPN servers, which is the difference between quality and quantity. Some VPN service providers may provide you with a lot of VPN servers, but the speed of access is not necessarily fast, why? On the one hand ,by other objective factors.On the other hand,it will be affected by the server software and hardware configuration. By the way, ExpressVPN not only has 1500 servers, but also excellent at connection speed. NordVPN server number to 1000, but the network access speed is generally not as good as ExpressVPN. Similarly, although the number of servers for Hide My Ass and Cyberghost is less than 1000, reasonable geographical distribution and good server configuration also make them perform well, loved by people all over the world.

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