Who Blocks You On The Internet

Because the Internet censorship, there are much more website we can not access, Under normal circumstances, we use VPN to unblock them. Then you maybe ask, who blocks you on the internet? Why they did that? In this article we will discuss it.

Who Blocks You On The Internet

who blocks you on the internet?


Governments is the mainly one who blocks your internet. The purpose they do that is for political reasons ,or social reasons, or copyright reasons. The most famous if the Great Fire Wall of China and state censorship in Iran. Websites blocked are also common in European counties, with the UK leading the charge for copyright reasons.


Boss want the employees working focus, they want that in working time, all their employees would not be upsetted.

Schools and colleges

Educational institutions did this restrictions as the workplace, That’s good method for pupils but not understandable for universities and higher education establishments I think.


That’s a sensible way for parents, because the internet is danger for young. But correct guidance is better than blind prohibition for parents.

How to unblock the websites?


You can use VPN to bypass the Internet censorship. Here are some effective VPN you can choose.


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Proxy and Tor is still good option for you too, but proxy is not safe as VPN and Tor is slower than VPN.

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