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Why we call  hide my ass’s vpn “is the world vpn”? And it is still the honest VPN.

In most top VPN lists,you can always see Hide My Ass,why that happen,I think the reason is simple,because Hide My Ass is so good,they have more than 940 servers in more than 190 countries,so you almost can browse any website freely, securely, privately and with no restrictions in any corner of the world,so we call it the world vpn. So we list it as “Credible VPN“.

They give us more functions in their web like Anonymous Referrer tool,free anonymous email service,free web proxy,these functions are useful,but I prefer VPN service,it is the real and easy to use,and VPN is more powerful than web proxy.

As the powerful servers,the payment methods of Hide My Ass is very extensive,you can even Use your Wal-Mart and Starbucks gift cards or some other cards or something to purchase HMA.

From my experience,We will give Hide My Ass champion from the speed,stability,security and other features.


Hide My Ass has so many servers and IPs in 190 countries,this is the best thing for customers.Beside it has a free proxy-based website and a full-on VPN software called HMA,And Their DNS Encryption, Secure IP Bind and multi-language in the website make Hide My Ass easy to accept.Support routers is one of their advantage,one VPN router and one VPN connection is security for all your devices.


Only 2 Simultaneous Connection,and we don’t clear about the logging policy.

Basic information

Based in United Kingdom
No. of countries 190+
No. of servers 940+
Hide My Ass has 940+ VPN servers in 350+ locations in 190+ countries,so I think it is so big,I can get that this company has powerful strength,and also they offer over 120000+ IP addresses,even the hackers have very good technology,they still can find your geographical location.
Price $11.52/month

$8.33/month(6 month)-28%


From all these data, You have no reason to reject hide my ass.

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190+ countries

servers of hide my ass from vpnif


Protocols OS & Devices


L2TP(you have to download another piece of software)


Windows,Mac OS X,Ios,Android,Linux,Router like AsusWRT routers, DD-WRT routers, Mikrotik routers, Tomato routers or other routers.

os of hma from vpnif


Security is important for a VPN user,so I always give more attention on it. There are some points of Hide My Ass very excellent like DNS Encryption and high Encryption strength,but something also confuse me.  I can’t find anything about logging policy,so I can’t give you anything about it. But consider their huge servers and IPs I still think they are good. Especially, consider the FCC’s policy, you do need a vpn service to protect your internet privacy.

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Encryption strength 128 Bit AES, 256 Bit AES(OpenVPN) DNS Encryption NAT Firewall
IP types Shared IP (Dynamic)

Shared IP (Static) Static IP addresses only work with our old client – version 2 of HMA! Pro VPN – you can find and download it here.

Secure any Wi-Fi network


Speed and Stability

Speek of speed of Hide My Ass,I think there is nothing like their huge servers. They are almost cover the hole world. In our world, there are 224 countries and regions ,but only 193 countries. You can see Hide My Ass make their servers working on 190 countries,it is Pretty self-explanatory I think. They are so powerful. With so many servers unlimited switch you can get to any server fastest for you. You can get to any server most stable for you,so we are not wrong, it is the world vpn.

world vpn cover the whole world


Except for their huge network, so much good service you can get from hide my ass, so that’s the real reason we call it the world vpn.

Torrents and P2P Allow: Yes Customer Support:you can get the instructions here for Windows,Mac OS X,Ios,Android,Linux,Router like AsusWRT routers, DD-WRT routers, Mikrotik routers, Tomato routers or other routers.
Unlimited bandwidth: YES 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Switch server: YES 2 Simultaneous Connections
Payment methods(Use your Wal-Mart and Starbucks gift cards to purchase HMA! Pro VPN,100’s of brands accepted): iDeal,Bitcoins,American Express,2CO,Google Checkout,Wire-Transfer,Primus,AlertPay,Credit Card,Master Card,Visa,PayPal

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Multi-languages of HMA

Free proxy

As I say, It’s VPN service comes in two flavors,the second is the web proxy,you can use it free and you can use the Premium service(Only $24.95 for life) to get entire public proxy database from the email daily.

Free proxy of hide my ass from vpnif

Browser extensions

Browser extentions of HMA from vpnif

Anonymous Referrer

Anonymous Referrer of HMA


With our FREE anonymous email service, you need never feel pressure to reveal your personal email address again.


People review

People reviews of hide my ass from vpnif

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Their software is powerful , after you set up it first time,then it will become easy to use. As the picture shows, you can set the IP and bind the IP, and it has auto-connect after launch.

Software of hide my ass from vpnif

Features of the software

Features of the HMA's software

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