BTGuard Review: a friendly BitTorrent vpn

BTGuard as its name BitTorrent guard, is a friendly BitTorrent vpn, and is well-known for its strict ‘no-log’ and torrent-friendly policies in the list of best vpn,it also has good expression, especially in speed and log policy.

You will find it is not just for BitTorrent,it’s a good VPN provider too,but there is still something you should know,you can see them below.

As it’s name, it is very good at BitTorrent,and it include more than VPN,like SOCKS5 proxy service,but more service means no more power to manage every service,at the below,you will get the information not shocked as IPVanish or ExpressVPN.

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It’s good at BitTorrent as its name,they still provide SOCKS5 proxy service.No-log policy and have good speed from


Little servers cover few countries,Only support PPTP and OpenVPN,and does not provide its own VPN client and instead relies on the generic open source OpenVPN software.

Basic information

Based in Canada
No. of countries 3(Canada, Netherlands, Singapore)
No. of servers 3(Toronto, Amsterdam, Singapore)
Price of vpn
1 month: $9.95

3 months: $27.95 (5% discount)

6 months: $49.95 (15% discount)

1 year: $89.95 (25% discount)

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BTGuard’s backbone providers include Level3, Teleglobe, Deutsch Telekom, Global Crossings, NTT Communications, Tiscali, Telia and Cogent Communications.

They have multiple 10Gbit lines of capacity and enforce no limitations on connection speeds.

If you are in USA,you can choose Canada server,if you are in China,you can choose Singapore server,so it’s OK about the servers.

The price of proxy:

1 month: $6.95

3 months: $19.95 (5% discount)

6 months: $34.95 (15% discount)

1 year: $59.95 (25% discount)

btguard proxy and vpn service


Compatibility and other feature of bt


Logging policy: No-logs Firewall: NAT Firewall
Encryption strength: AES 256-bit antimalware software: Yes
IP types: Shared IP (Dynamic)


DNS Leak protection: No

Speed and Stability

The speed is good from,it was in 10-20Mbps on average, these figures are entirely satisfactory,but sometimes it can get in 30Mbps, it look not much more stability, you should make sure that you are connected to the VPN.


Torrents and P2P Allow Yes Customer Support Support Ticket



Unlimited bandwidth YES No Money back guarantee No Free trial
No Multi-logins 10Gbit server Network  payment methord

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