What can replace VPN service

The technology of VPN is matures though there are so many problem need to be solved. Now even in China, Russia, Iran, Sudan, you can enjoy the free internet with VPN. For that reason, more people and more companies use VPN for their private data, then what is the best solution to replace VPN service? Is there any ways to get that?

But recently, some websites show us that we need some other service to replace the VPN service. You can see them with the following links, and I want to discuss this here.




For personal usage of VPN:

Our purpose is protect our privacy and remove the limited of geo. The VPN service doing it now. When you access the VPN server, It can change your IP address, makes you anonymous, and prevent the tracks, and you can do anything you want, visit any webs you want, acquire any resources with less-limited. All these things can not be done with Proxy and ssr.

So for person, VPN service is useful and can not be replaced.

Best private VPN service providers list:

For big company usage of VPN:

VPN is a shell outside the internal data

The traditional deployment of the VPN simply allows access to all applications on the corporate network. Once you access the corporate network, you have been absolutely trusted. then all applications on the corporate network are put at risk.

More of that, as working remotely becomes more common, a mutual risk every organization faces is the vulnerable endpoint.  IT administrators often do not have access to, control of, or even visibility into what personal devices are accessing their network, and therefore cannot monitor software updates or security.

For these reason, the security solution is that allows administrators to restrict, or only allow user access to certain applications. This will focus on both user and devices, rather than trust any accessed user.

Though the burden of authentication becomes greater, this solution not only offer you more security protection, it doesn’t slow down traffic as what VPN does, Companies like Google and Amazon are leaving behind. As a few years back Google pioneered a new way of keeping things secure: essentially, trust no one and authenticate everyone.

Now there are two excellent access service to replace VPN service. You can find more detail about them with the following two links.

DirectAccess: http://www.celestix.com/products/directaccess/

 Cloudflare Access: https://www.cloudflare.com/products/cloudflare-access/

For small company usage of VPN:

There is no necessary for small business to subscribe this new access service, first reason is the price, and second is that small business company has no enough more people and applications, this access service seems like a bit of overkill.

You’d better select some business VPN service for yourselves, that will be more suitable for you.

Business VPN service providers list (More details about these VPNs in http://vpnif.com/best-business-vpn-service-2017/):

And now in 2018, NordVPN also offer business VPN solution, you can access NordVPN from 4240 servers.

HideMyAss is new member which can offer you business solution after reformed in November 2017, you can visit https://www.hidemyass.com/business-pricing to know more about it.

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