Function Of VPN

Personal VPN offer you two important functions in all: First is connect network; Second is encryption. Mentioned in some other websites like bypass geographical restrictions, hide your real IP, bypass firewall, anonymous online, protect your privacy and so on are all within these two roles of VPN. If you understand this, then you will be more clear about personal VPN service.

If you are using VPN now, How much do you know about its use? If you are not use VPN now, I suggest you read this article carefully to know more about VPN service.

Two Functions Of VPN:

1. Connect network

As I said above,with VPN you can connect far away servers without Geo- restrictions, this can help improve your speed to connect far away servers.

Even more, you can bypass firewall like GFW in China when you want to access Facebook,Google and Netflix.No matter the restrictions or the censorship comes from your school or your company, you can bypass it. If you are a student,an employee,a Chinese, a Russian and so on, you can access any websites you want with VPN.

nordvpn working in china

On selection of VPN, you can select a VPN with much more servers like NordVPN($2.75/mon), PrivateInternetAccess, TorGuard, HideMyAss.Their servers are placed over the whole world, and more important is they are cheap.You can test the speed and stability of them first, or you can choose proxy or smartDNS, but I of cause recommend VPN service, the reason is as follows.



Encryption will take more payload of CPU and bandwidth, and transmission speed will be a little slow. But I think it’s worthy. With proliferation of Internet, more people can get in touch with advanced computer technology, more and more hacker and Internet Crime have grown in our lives. This reminds us that we must pay more attention to our network security. It is necessary to develop their own good online habits, but also use technology to arm themselves. VPN is the easiest and cheapest way.

VPN will create a secure connection between devices, this secure connection can hide our real IP address, let us surfing anonymously, and no one can see our real transmitted data, So as to achieve the purpose of protecting our privacy.

expressvpn working in china

As I said just now, there will be 10-15% increase in payload transmitted over VPN, This will take longer to transmit data. How to balance between encryption and transmission speed is an important indicator of whether a VPN service provider is good or bad. ExpressVPN, VyprVPN and NordVPN are good at this, they have a better breakthrough in data encryption technology and offer good experience in speed, by the way they are committed to zero-logging.


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