You can use google translate service without vpn in China

A few days ago, google translate APP has appeared in chinese Android Market and iOS Market.For google translate vpn will be no use to it. That means you can use google translate service without vpn in China.

From 2010, google has left China for almost 7 years, Chinese people hasn’t use google service so long time. Similarly, they can’t browse Facebook,twitter,YouTube and many other website. For a long time, Chinese visit google by VPN service . And as we know, chinese government start to prohibit the use of vpn from January 2017. Bypassing the chinese network censorship system is becoming more and more difficult.

So the news of  google translate service has come back is a very good news for Chinese.But there are still much more network limitation in China. In order to prevent hacker attacks and  disclosure of private information, Chinese people still need an effective VPN service. If you are a Chinese, you need browse “best vpn in china

And now we talk about google translate service,everyone in the world know that google translate service is the best translate service. Google translate APP has update to versions 5.8. There are some good news about it. First one is “snap to translate”.This is the function of my favorite.And it include speak, write, type and tap to translate. You can use them in all cases.

google translate vpn snap

Snap to translate

google translate vpn speak

Speak to translate

google translate vpn write

Write to translate

google translate vpn type

Type to translate

google translate vpn tap

Tap to translate


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