HideMyAss Proxy Has Been Suspended

Once HideMyAss offers us a very good free online proxy service, but now this service has been closed. For the Chinese residents, there is no regrets. Because they could not have visited HideMyAss’ official website. But for other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, have to say that it is a very regrettable thing.

Due to technical maturity, previously HideMyAss provide us with a huge proxy network than HideMyAss VPN. And because the proxy service without too much encryption of our data, access speed is very fast. And HideMyAss did not charge any fees for his proxy service,so HideMyAss free agent became a popular one. Of course, if you want a better web experience, you can spend $ 24.95 getting a lifetime account for a Premium proxy service. While HideMyAss’ proxy service is now temporarily closed, but we believe that after a few months he will come back and will be better.

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Although the HideMyAss proxy service is down, we can still use the HideMyAss VPN service. Compared with the proxy service, VPN has an unparalleled advantage of proxy service. Especially in the security and user experience, VPN is better. As can be seen from the figure below, the use of agents can only be used for web browsing. This is extremely inconvenient for mobile phone users, tablet users and people playing games. Also, the online network proxy requires the user to log in HideMyAss first, and then enter the URL that needs to be accessed through the HideMyAss dialog box. This does not have much impact on watching movies and videos. But for web browsing, the constant change in the page will be a troublesome thing.

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For the “High-speed” in the figure below, I do not agree. The network proxy reduces the encryption and decryption process, and the access speed will certainly be faster.So I think the only use of free agent is to watch the network video, not only to meet the speed requirements, but also not frequent changes in the page.

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VPN is not the same, although the speed can not keep up with the network agent, but your user experience will be better. When you connect to the VPN network, you can browse the web like a normal Internet, watch the video, play the game. You can open the PSP on your mobile phone, you can also connect any of the public Wifi hotspot without worrying about security issues, you can easily change your IP, you can hackers and peepers blocked at the door.

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HideMyAss provide us with nearly 1,000 VPN servers. These servers are distributed in 190 countries in 350 countries, almost every country in the world. This is a very good thing for tourists and people who travel frequently. Not only can they connect to their country at any time, but they can safely use wireless networks. HideMyAss also offers us a 30 day refund guarantee, 2 concurrent connections and a simple and easy client-side.

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