The Most Reliable VPN Service in 2018

When we talk about VPN, we always want the best one. Here we discuss the most reliable VPN service. As we told you before, when we choose a VPN, you need to place your trust in that VPN provider. Because the VPN company itself can keep logs of your activity as your ISP could. So what we should choose is a reliable VPN.

First of the most reliable vpn service is the company.

As we choose a smart phone, you should find a brand with good reputation, because some other smart phone may not work someday. But famous brand will offer you high-quality products and quality after-sales service.

Second of the most reliable vpn service is the parameters.

There is no best VPN service for all people, only the best VPN for you. So you need check the parameters about the VPN, and find that is it suitable for you.

Third of the most reliable vpn service is the reviews.

As a supplement of parameters, reviews is more humane. You can get more close with the VPN which has been reviewed. And you can get more fair information include good and bad. That helps you to choose a reliable VPN.

After we test and compare some VPN service, we find there are some thing may be interesting for you.


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands which is a good place with good law for VPN service. It will not affect by NSA of US and GCHQ of UK etc. They start VPN service from 2009. And now it’s one of  few VPNs can still working in China. Now there are more than 1500+ servers around the earth. It’s miraculous number for the 8 years.

ExpressVPN will not log your meta data ,and they offer AES 256 bit encryption strength. ExpressVPN can run on almost all device you have. Besides, you can have 3 simultaneous connections and 30 days money back guarantee. The speed of ExpressVPN is perfect even you are living in China.

review of expressvpn in bestvpn


NordVPN offer VPN service in 2012. But they started as an Internet security company in Panama in 2008. It’s a famous VPN service provider too. Panama has no data retention directives, so that they can maintain their “no-logs” policy to protect customers’ privacy.

Now NordVPN has 4300+ servers in the world as ExpressVPN. But NordVPN offer you 6 Simultaneous connections, it’s very convenient with that. Double VPN encryption servers with 256bit encryption strength can take more safety to us.LiveChat is so good for us when we are confused.

review of nordvpn in bestvpn


VyprVPN launched in 2009 by Golden Frog, as a secure personal VPN service, it is one of the top 3 VPN service providers. But I think other two is not as good as VyprVPN, that’s the reason I put it in the list of “The Most Reliable VPN Service”. Golden Frog is a famous company who provide internet service since 1994. They offer, Giganews, Data Foundry.

There are 3 days you can enjoy VyprVPN for free, while most VPN service provider do not offer free trial anymore. “Chameleon technology” is the best thing of VyprVPN, it is great for VPN users being blocked in countries such as China, or speed issues due to bandwidth throttling.

review of vyprvpnin bestvpn

There are still some famous VPN service provider here, they are all good at something, you could go and get more about them.

May be you can turn to the VPN list Page.


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