NordVPN service: good support for you

NordVPN tells us a truth “Without VPN, you are not safe”,it’s a fact, NordVPN solve this problem,and

what we have a major impact with Nord vpn is their good support for you,like servers category ,live chat,frequent coupons etc.

NordVPN is not just a VPN provider,what it gives is more safe and privacy,in fact this is the reason for somebody using VPN service,they have more extra service to make sure you are free and safe when you surf internet.

NordVPN give us more instructions than other providers,and their description is detailed,they will consider different people,different purposes,different devices and OS,different countries and so on.Just like they have an instruction for China people to bypass Great Firewall ,you can use it easily from the web.

The software of Nord is very good too,you can use them easily. More important thing is now it can run in China.

“NordVPN 77% Discount in 2017”

Advantage in Nordvpn review

Safe VPN provider,they take more attention in security.They provide free proxy as well,and the Free proxy list and up to 3000 free proxies.Another good place of Nord is the Tor over VPN server,it’s special for someone want to use.

They just have 1000+ server all over the world except Antarctica,but those server can offer you more free and privacy.Like the Double VPN servers can make double data encryption, it’s wonderful technology that can make you more safe. Ultra fast TV servers can take you to streaming the video freely like Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV and much more, Anti DDoS servers and Dedicated IP servers is be made for getting more security.They are amazing.

The price is good too,I think.$5.75 per month for 1 year plan,and there is also special offer for one year deal, you just need $4 per month.that’s a exciting news.

NordVPN 73% Discount in 2017

Basic information about Nord vpn

Based in Panama
No. of countries 59
No. of servers 1000+
Price $8.00/month

$7.00/month(6 month)-34%

$5.75/month(12 month)-70%

About the servers, I want to say,it include Double VPN servers, Tor over VPN servers, Ultra fast TV servers, Anti DDoS servers, Dedicated IP servers and Standard VPN servers.With them,you can unblocked social websites,  get P2P file sharing service, or use VoIP applications.

servers category of nordvpn

price of nordvpn

Don’t worry about the price,keep patients you will find some good news,like the below:

coupons of nordvpn



Protocols OS & Devices




Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and Android……

From the picture you can see what devices and OS can supported by NordVPN,and what protocols can be used in some devices or OS.When you click in you can see a video instead the instructions,I like video,you can do follow the video clearly.


device and os of nordvpn

Security with Nord VPN

Logging policy Strict no log policy Automatic Kill Switch
Encryption strength SSL-based 2048-bit encryption Double Data Encryption
IP types Shared IP (Dynamic)

Shared IP (Static)

Dedicated IP

They own DNS servers,so they have DNS Leak Resolver

Nord VPN has been recommended is based on the security, Security is handled using  AES 256 bit for data encryption, RSA 2048 for handshaking and SHA-2 for data can give customer more safe guarantee, from DNS Leak Resolver to anti ddos VPN server,from double data encryption to no log policy,that the reason I love it so much.

Speed and Stability

Although in most cases speeds are based on your local ISP and location,NordVPN still gives you the best as they can,as you know,more security mean less speed,in that case ,NordVPN’s speed is not as good as some other VPN provider,but I think in that encryption strength,Nord is very very good.

Torrents and P2P Allow 6 Simultaneous Connection Web proxy extension for Google Chrome live chat



24/7/365 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Pay using Bitcoin, PayPal, Paysera, Webmoney, or credit card

NordVPN is good at service,It offer P2P, 6 Simultaneous Connection, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee,this provide convenience for customers, even they are so good at their commodity.


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