PureVPN Review: with good security

PureVPN is a famous VPN service provider which I often use,because it has huge servers and IPs,and it show that there is zero logs from their servers,What I like best of PureVPN is the security,256-bit encryption strength,DNS leak protection,zero logs, Dedicated IP, NAT Firewall, DDoS Attack Protection, Two-Factor Authentication,all these makes me really anonymous and safty.so now they have 1 Million+ Satisfied Users.And important thing is that you can use it in China, we put it in “best vpn in china” and credible VPN.

The features of PureVPN is very good,the software is humanized,and there are more than 20 devices you compatible with PureVPN,beside, PureVPN offers “Virtual Router”, you can convert your Windows-based desktop or laptop into a virtual router and use it to connect up to 10 devices,it’s a smartest invent. specially the Smartphone messaging apps of PureVPN is encrypted and away from the reach of hackers, data snoopers, and ISP providers

They of course offer this function “Defeats ISP Throttling”,this function makes your surf speed,it’s amazing.

“78% Discount For Celebrate 10 Years Of PureVPN”

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Huge servers over 141countries,protecting even promoting your speed, “Virtual Router” is wonderful for customers,this makes 15 simultaneous Connection number.

The Business VPN can give you more and more security and speed,it makes VPN as a nother one.

They have a plan include 2 years,and you will get 79% discount as low as $2.49/mon,I don’t know there is some plan like that,it’s just makes me so excited.As I know there is more people use VPN service almost everyday like me,so this plan is suitable for you.

Support Alipay,it’s good for most Chinese because they always use Alipay.


They also offer mult-Language ,but it seems weak because only just four.

Basic information

Based in Hong Kong
No. of countries 141
No. of servers 500+
No. of IPs 80000+
Price $9.99/month-16%

$7.99/month(6 month)-33%


price of purevpn from vpnif

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Protocols OS & Devices APP
OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for different devices Windows,Mac,iOS,Android,and also compatible with Consoles, SmartTV, Roku, Amazon fire, Chromecast, Laptops, Desktops, and Smart devices ,more than 50+ Routers, Gaming Consoles among others software and apps for every major platform including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux

OS & Devices of purevpn from vpnif


I think the security of PureVPN is obvious,as I say, What I like best of PureVPN is the security,because their 256-bit encryption strength,DNS leak protection,zero logs, Dedicated IP, NAT Firewall, DDoS Attack Protection, Two-Factor Authentication.it’s obvious.

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Logging policy Zero logs Firewall NAT Firewall
Encryption strength AES-256-bit since 2007 antimalware software Yes
IP types Shared IP (Dynamic)

Shared IP (Static)

DNS Leak protection


Speed and Stability

All of above give you a message,that PureVPN is good at speed,they not just make you fast but makes you faster and faster,and their 500+ servers will make sure of high speed, PureVPN makes it impossible for your ISP to monitor your activities; hence your ISP is unable to determine the type of data being sent and received and this results in faster internet speeds,so you can get the Experience Ultra-Fast Streaming and Connect VoIP Services.Usually you can boost your internet speed to 20Mbps.You can Unlimited Switch server between 500+ servers with any plan,so you shouldn’t worry about the stability for your connection,It will give you great experience.

servers of purevpn from vpnif


Torrents and P2P Allow 24x7x365
Live chatEmail3Support Center
Unlimited bandwidth

99.99% Uptime

Unlimited Switch server 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
5 Simultaneous Connection File Sharing & VoIP

Payment methods

payment methord of purevpn from vipnif.com

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Free trial

free trail of purevpn

Business VPN

With Business VPN,you can get more security, privacy protection, and accessibility like below:

  • Bundle Discounts
  • Dedicated Portal
  • Dedicated Speed/Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated VPN Servers
  • One Account for the Entire Company
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Stealth Browsing
  • DDoS Attack Protection
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Huge Pool of Dedicated IPs

Virtual Router

Virtual Router of purevpn from vpnif.com

What are people’s viewpoint

reviews of purevpn


There are five Modes for Unlimited Freedom,you can use a Dedicated IP for a Dedicated Requirement, Options is easy to set up.

They still provide IPV6 Leaks Protection and Secure DNS.

app of purevpn1 from vpnif.com app of purevpn2 from vpnif.com

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