The Situation of Internet Freedom

The development of the Internet is changing. However, the freedom of the Internet is a question that comes with it. More and more people are concerned about the Internet freedom, so there are more and more people choose to use vpn as their daily Internet essential services. No one is willing to that their own network behavior is spied by others, this is just like that a person lies on the sofa and watches TV, he will not be willing to be observed by others by holding the telescope and standing on the opposite.

The Internet is international. What has the free Internet world been like now? Why vpn will be more and more popular? We can get more inspiration from the picture below.

internet freedom

We can see that the least liberal place for web browsing freedom is Asia and North Africa represented by China and Russia, of which India, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Egypt are included. In these places, people can access the Internet, but they can’t completely free access to the Internet. Facing such difficulties, people choose to use proxy, Tor and VPN service. I personally recommend using VPN service, which can not only meet the requirements of bypassing the firewall, but also encrypt your network data, and ensure that you are free and completely private. Different from Tor, VPN service can also give you a better network speed.

In addition, we can also see from the picture that the Internet browsing in North America and Australia is the freest. However, in the world of the Internet, people in these countries are also facing problems, such as privacy protection issues. The United States and Australia have passed the Data Retention Act, which means that people’s every step of browsing on the network will be stored in the ISP service providers. So we can say that the most liberal country is not necessarily true freedom.

No matter for what reason, whether it is in China or the United States, your pace in the network world will not be always smooth. At about the end of the 20th century, there was a network proxy service. About in 2004, VPN service was constantly springing up like mushrooms. This phenomenon caters very well to the needs of the world. Till now, the market has appeared hundreds of VPN service providers. And it has become a very difficult thing for us to choose a variety of VPN. Here are a few service providers with good reputation that can recommend to everyone.

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