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VPN can let you Access Geo-Blocked Websites, Bypass Internet Censorship. But more important thing VPN can help you is to encrypt all your data on the internet. As online browsing history up for sale in USA and data retention law takes effect in Australia, the online privacy is being more and more concerned. The reason for most people to choose VPN is that they are care about their privacy. Here we list 3 top secure VPN service providers after we have analyzed the parameters,and tested ipleak, DNSleak and so on.

Here we just list them from the security, not include some other things like speed or stability. And the most secure VPN is not suited for everyone unless you are a businessman or a banker or you are remitting on the internet.So if you want to find best vpn service for normal, you can visit Most reliable vpn service.

VPN service PureVPN(78% discount) NordVPN(73% discount) VyprVPN
Based in Hong Kong Panama Switzerland
Protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2 OpenVPN, IKEv2 Chameleon, OpenVPN
Log policy Zero logs Strict no log policy Zero Logging
Encryption strength AES-256 AES-256 AES-256
IP Type Shared IP (Dynamic) Shared IP (Dynamic),Shared IP (Static),Dedicated IP Shared IP (Dynamic)
DNSLeak protection YES YES
Bitcoin accept YES YES NO
NAT Firewall YES(as add-on) YES
Antimalware YES(as add-on)
Kill Switch No YES NO
DDoS Attack Protection YES(For business vpn)
Other Business VPN Double Data Encryption Business VPN
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We must explain some thing about this table:

Hong Kong, Panama and Switzerland, the law of all these three countries are not restricted by US and UK. Your data will be protected by their law first.

OpenVPN and IKEv2 now are the popular protocols, because it can taking into account the speed and the security. As normally you know, more encryption would lead to less speed.

Chameleon is a protocol from VyprVPN. Only VyprVPN can offer you this protocol. Chameleon is great for VPN users being blocked in countries such as China, or if you are experiencing speed issues due to bandwidth throttling.

AES 256 bit is the largest key size available today as strong as the bank system encryption and Military-Grade encryption.

Shared IP (Dynamic) is better I think. It is harder to track you if your IP is Dynamic and Shared, No one knows that who and when.

Paying with Bitcoin has been considered in one of the secure factors.

Kill Switch” is in the app, when the VPN connection is unstable, this function can stop the leakage of privacy.

Double Data Encryption is one feature of NordVPN, that means your traffic will through two NordVPN server, your data will been encrypt twice.

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